It’s Monday and Here’s What I’m Reading: April 15th., 2013

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I was so happy to finally receive copies of these two Books by Deborah Ellis, both about children living in war zones and under the threat of war.  Ellis interviews many children in both books, and is able to capture the circumstances under which they live as well as their own heartfelt responses.  As I’ve blogged about before when I  reviewed The Bread Winner series of books also by Deborah Ellis, my students are interested in the lives children all across the world lead.  Through the news, Internet and social media, they are more aware than ever about what is happening in far away places…and I want to encourage their curiosity and desire to be engaged.  Both Three Wishes and Kids of Kabul explain just enough history to provide the background information kids need, but the most powerful parts come from the voices of the children interviewed – they have stories to tell, hopes to share, questions to ask.  
Ellis presents many voices, and many, often complex and contradictory,  points of view.  The children interviewed often voice feelings of intense anger and hate for the “other side”, and yet they also wish just as intensely for peace and normalcy.  As 14 year old Yanal says, ” I wish the fighting would end, so that we could just make music and have fun and not hate each other.”   These are wonderful books to share with our kids for they are sure to begin meaningful discussions about war and the effects of war.
Here is Ellis speaking of Kids of Kabul:

And, I was also thrilled to receive and share with my kids Amy Ludwig Vanderwater’s delightful collection of poetry:

I’ve been following Amy every Poetry Friday where she shares her gifts of poetry and poetry lessons on her blog The Poem Farm.  “Forest Has a Song” is a lovely collection of woodsy poems that are great fun to read, and even more fun to read aloud  – here is Amy herself introducing the book :

I love the way Amy concentrates on sensory experiences – each poem is alive with sights, sounds and textures.  Robbin Gourley’s fresh and charmingly rendered watercolors make this collection a visual feast as well.


12 thoughts on “It’s Monday and Here’s What I’m Reading: April 15th., 2013

  1. You included a powerful quote from the book: " I wish the fighting would end, so that we could just make music and have fun and not hate each other." And Forest Has A Song looks lovely, and perfect for Poetry Month. Thanks for sharing these books today.

  2. Read Forest has a Song also- so beautiful!I love Deborah Ellis. She has done amazing things and I look forward to reading the two you mentioned. Happy reading this week 🙂

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