Slice of Life Tuesday: Sophie finds her puppyhood again….

The March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

For the most part, our dog Sophie leads a very quiet, sedate life – she has her walks, chases a stick or ball here or there, cuddles on the sofa at any given chance, and seems pretty content living with two people of a certain age who have only so much time and energy to offer.  This Sophie looks peaceful and serene, like this: 

But, when the kids are home,  we see another Sophie.  This Sophie is full of energy and ready for anything.  From the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, this Sophie is alert for action and poised for adventure.  Take this Mothers Day, for instance.  The younger two were around, the weather was glorious – the perfect opportunity to take to the hills and hike.  All morning long, Sophie had been bounding from one kid’s bed to the other, willing each of them to wake up, get going, PLAY!!  Our sedate Sophie had reverted to puppy hood – tail a-wagging and nose a-twitching.  And, once we got going, there no limit to how high she could climb or how fast she could race.  Sophie, even in moments of rest, was all go. go, GO!  
My favorite moment came midway through our hike.  The kids crossed a rushing brook, and Sophie leaped over  the rocks after them.  My husband and I watched in amazement.  Was this the same Sophie who tip toed through puddles?!   She followed Ben and Livy as they wound their way this way and that, through the leafy woods,  and then finally back  over the brook.  Gracefully, she leaped over the boulders, pausing just enough to get her bearings and adjust her pace. At the very last moment, with the kids across already, she seemed to hesitate just a bit.  But their voices and their presence seemed to give her just the boost she needed to make that final leap ashore.  Ready for the next adventure.  Ready to be a puppy again, just for a few more hours.

8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Sophie finds her puppyhood again….

  1. Great multimedia piece with a steady hand on the camera and perfect vocals :)I love getting to know the characters in your real life. Sophie!!!!

  2. Looks as if she is in her element, people and woods, Tara. We had a dalmatian names Sophie a long while ago-brings back happy memories! I imagine she was tired that evening after such a romp! Thanks for telling about the day!

  3. Sophie is adorable! She looks so happy in those pictures! The same thing's happening in my house–my brother just got home from college, so our two dogs are in their glory. They're acting like they're puppies again, too.

  4. So fun to meet Sophie through this blog post. I can just see her trying to coax your young adults out of bed. I love this line, "From the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, this Sophie is alert for action and poised for adventure."

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