Slice of Life Tuesday: June blues….

The March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers

June blues…. So much to do, so little time… I walked into my classroom today and felt overwhelmed by everything that confronted me: hiring two new teachers for our department, carrying through the Junior Honor Society induction ceremony,  wrapping up each segment of our very busy sixth grade year, planning our last activities, ordering supplies for the department for the new year, figuring out new department goals so that we can plan over the summer…. never mind that the baby of our family is graduating and is off to PROM! so that there are a million details that absolutely need to get sorted out RIGHT AWAY (like: should the clutch match the shoes..huh?!).  I sat at my desk this morning, at 6:45 a.m. and felt overwhelmed.  

And then I looked out at our room, the room I have shared with 47 awesome sixth graders for almost a whole school year, and something shifted. I began to think about the life we’ve lived and shared together in this room: a rather small space, nondescript, really, except for the life we have created here together in the space of one school year. 
Our walls and windows speak of projects we’ve worked on…
Our book shelves now look worn and askew with enthusiastic use…
Our reading cushions and chairs have seen better days – but oh the comfort they’ve provided when we’ve been lost in our books…
Each desk and chair now has a specific face attached to it – I will always remember who sat where and that face will float into view at the oddest times…
Our room is filled with memories – funny moments, interesting discussions, those only-in-sixth-grade-can-this-happen memories…. 

And then, I suddenly felt reinvigorated, better.  All the other “stuff” slipped away.  We still have almost three weeks – I don’t want my kids to remember a frazzled, frumpy, tired and grumpy Mrs. Smith.  I want us to end the year as we have lived it: engaged, energetic and enjoying our time together.  So….here’s to the next three weeks, our last three weeks together. 

After all, there will be plenty of time ahead for my kids to experience this…without me:

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: June blues….

  1. Yeah… no tired, frumpy Mrs. Smith :)And then, I suddenly felt reinvigorated, better. All the other "stuff" slipped away. We still have almost three weeks – I don't want my kids to remember a frazzled, frumpy, tired and grumpy Mrs. Smith. I want us to end the year as we have lived it: engaged, energetic and enjoying our time together. So….here's to the next three weeks, our last three weeks together.

  2. Love the Calvin and Hobbes. I can't wait to feel my brain atrophy! I've been working on this for the last few weeks–keeping energetic, keeping the excitement, trying to teach like it's the beginning of the year not the last few days. And now finally, we are at the end….here's to your last three weeks. You can do it! PS. I'm stealing the Calvin and Hobbes!

  3. I just wrapped up my school year last week. It is ALWAYS crazy and when I feel overwhelmed I REMEMBER it all gets done, every year, EVERYTHING!! What a lovely time of learning you captured without a hint of grumpy! Enjoy these last few days.

  4. Atrophy – bring it on! For now, we're still working hard in Room 104, learning from each other about the Lost Civilizations – the ones we didn't get to this year. It's a great way to wind up our learning. Thursday we head out for a community service project in one of our parks. So glad you got reinvigorated. Your words inspired me.

  5. Wishing you energetic last weeks of school! I am sure that your students will enjoy all the things that you have planned for the last days of the year!

  6. I have the rest of the week, & I am frazzled for sure, Tara. But, after all, just as you wrote so well, it is all about the students and what we've experienced with them. Thanks for the reminder, and best wishes for a wonderful last three weeks!

  7. Your voice was so tired at the beginning of this but as you gazed about and remembered your voice change and your energy came through. Enjoy these last few weeks, they will fly by.

  8. Best of luck to you! I am feeling the frazzle myself. It's hard to keep all the balls in the air 🙂 (It probably doesn't matter too much about the clutch matching the shoes if the dress is long!)

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