SLice of Life Tuesday: These boots have been a-walkin’

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Sometimes, a pair of shoes can tell a story.
Take these shoes – these snazzy, red, cowboy boots.

When my daughter Elizabeth stepped out of the taxi on Sunday night, the taxi that brought her home at last from the airport…she was wearing these boots.
These snazzy, red, cowboy boots – bought “gently-used” somewhere in Greenwich Village, after having lived (perhaps) a more sedate life traipsing through trendy places in New York City.  
It made me smile to see these particular boots on that rainy, Sunday evening.  And I saw the boots first, before the rest of Elizabeth emerged from the taxi.  How like Elizabeth to wear her red boots on her journey home – and there they were, saying, “Hey, I’m back!”
Since that evening, these boots have been left exactly where she first took them off – on the stairs going up to her room on the second floor.  And, I have passed them many times since Sunday night.  They make me think of something different each time, a different adventure of which they were a part in her year away. Each time I saw these boots, I imagined Elizabeth:
striding quickly down  busy London streets
clambering up double decker buses or down endless escalators down to the Tube
meandering through museums, galleries, and cafes 
soldiering on through a winter’s worth of snow and sleet
dancing to music, of all kinds, and anywhere
tap tapping in queues for this, that and everything
beating time to a happy, busy year.
Is it my imagination, or do these boots look a bit weary? A bit ready to just sit and rest a while before gearing up for the next adventure? 



24 thoughts on “SLice of Life Tuesday: These boots have been a-walkin’

  1. These boots were definitely made for adventure! I love that you feel that they might need a bit of time to rest before they gear up for the next adventure. xo

  2. Perhaps you are right indeed and thus, on this hot July evening, they will rest, at "home" and at peace for a moment before they continue onward. Can you imagine if those boots could talk? What a tale it would be!

  3. I'm thinking of that old song by Streisand, "Memories, like the corners of my mind, misty water-colored memories, of the way we were". Much shared here from those beautiful boots, Tara. Hope you're having a great time with Elizabeth!

  4. I love that we both wrote about our daughters today! And I adore those red boots!! Sometimes I catch myself reflecting on the lives both my daughters are leading when I'm not with them — what a perfect vehicle (red boots) to get your reflections going as well.

  5. Those boots have lived an adventurous life! They are the thread that has walked through each new experience. Oh the tales they could tell!

  6. I love how each thing you imagined begins with a verb. I plan to use this as a mentor piece next year. What a fun image to see those red boots emerging first from the taxi. Enjoy your time with Elizabeth! Each moment with our grown-up children is a treasure.

  7. Tara, I love this post. I love that the boots are resting and your imagination is running as wild as the boot stories you created. I love the verbs you use to create action with the boots. I love the juxtaposition of action in living a full life and resting at home with family that you create. Beautiful slice!

  8. Yes, indeed, we're making the most of our time, Linda. One thing I have learned – I have GOT to make my way to Istanbul soon. It sounds like such an amazing place, especially for women "of a certain age" – like myself! Very emancipated, apparently, with women confidently living their lives. Sounds great!

  9. I am envious of these boots. I have been wanting red boots for years and haven't found the just-right pair. Not only are these just-right, but the moments they remember are magical. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I really admire how you are able to really embrace the "slice of life" thinking! I'm visiting my mom's house this week, and I feel like I've been hit with so many memories. Hopefully I can get them all down and publish a few. I've been wanting to try that "type" of writing but keep chickening out. You provide such great examples!

  11. I loved reading about you visualizing the adventures your daughter had in those great boots. How wonderful for her that she had such an amazing experience, and what a relief for you to have her home safe and sound. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I love the verbs you gave these boots–soldiering, clambering, tap, tap, tapping (to name a few). What a fun way to peek into your daughter's adventures: through these boots that even in their sedentary state communicate so much about her personality. Somehow, I am instantly charmed by the boots, and, therefore, your daughter. I love the way you have illustrated here that objects hold stories.

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