Slice of Life Tuesday: Slow…Please, said the sign…and so I did!

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This sign greeted me every morning on my  walk around our summer holiday lake – a reminder I sorely needed. Slow down…please!!!  

One lazy, slow morning, I sat by the lake, thought about that sign,  and wrote this:

…so grateful for this direly needed time to pause and remove myself from the frenetic pace of everyday life. So glad to leave behind:
– the ringing telephone: can you do this/get this/support this cause???
– the endless trail of debris left behind kids on the go: wet bathing suits/just-baked cookie sheets/ just ended get together and the “we’ll be back to clean up!” just as the back door shuts and the cars leave the driveway
– the laundry from last week meeting the laundry from this week: and endless cycle of wash-rinse-dry-fold-wear-wash…
-the lists that lie by the phone, my night stand/the dining room table: do this/ buy that/fix the other
traded for:
– days that unspool leisurely, randomly, and meander in relation to mood and whim
– time to lose oneself to the endlessly changing beauty of the lake and sky, of sitting in pine scented shade and listening to leaves rustle, the lake side lap and birds call
– unhurried stretches of time in which to notice a cat luxuriating on a sun-drenched dock, a child splashing off the side of a boat and sending arcs of shimmering droplets across the lake
– lazy evenings watching fireflies and bats sweep across the inky lawn and water, a bonfire dancing merrily across the distance, and the unexpected song of a bagpipe bidding the day goodbye.
And my heart swells with peace and contentment: so glad to be able to go slow.


11 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Slow…Please, said the sign…and so I did!

  1. Such an important reminder to all of us as we gear up for our new school year. I felt the same way at our CL writing retreat. Such a gift to refocus and realize how important the little moments are as well as choosing how to use our time. Loved your lazy evenings…I would have been right there with you.

  2. Why is it so hard to slow down when we are at home? I just got back from three weeks on the road, and even though traveling can be hectic, the break from my normal routine felt like I was slowing down. I'm glad you enjoyed your time at the lake. It sounds so relaxing.

  3. I have 8 days left. Leaving this weekend for Nashville and away from many of the things you "left behind." Looking forward to what I can list as "traded for." Enjoy the time you have and thanks for the reminder to take it slow!

  4. Thanks for this very important reminder! You could use this post for a mini-lesson on sensory details. I felt like I was right there with you! Really gorgeous details!

  5. How gorgeous the Nature you describe. If only we could plant a little of that luxury in our everyday lives. The physical place and the nature of slowing down. The endless laundry cycle and last week's meeting this week's made me chuckle. Glad you enjoyed the respite!

  6. Love your description in this left behind… traded for … post. My favorite left behind-the lists! My favorite traded for-lazy evenings of watching fireflies! I'm looking forward to two more quick weekend trips before school starts. I'll carry your left behind/traded for ideas to inspire me to go slow (oops, I even described them as quick trips) on my "go slow" weekend trips .

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