Slice of Life Tuesdays: Missing the days when a coffee break was more than just about the coffee…

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     So, fourth period in my day is when I get to sit down for the first time since about 5:30 a.m.  (not counting the drive over to school, when I do sit…because I have to).  It’s a chance to catch my breath, think about the way my lessons went in the morning, and how I may adjust them for the afternoon. And it’s also the time I set aside for the walk over to the cafeteria to pick up my daily double: two cappuccinos, not particularly good, but immensely satisfying.  It is a solitary walk, save for the kids I run into – the high school crowd, clustered around tables, studying, chatting, listening to music.  I know them all, and I love checking in here and there – these are “my kids”, after all.  
     Today, as I balanced my coffees and made my way back to my classroom, I thought back to last year…and the year before.  Those coffee breaks were fun.  Those coffee breaks were in the company of Rachel, my young colleague – the one I encouraged to move to Denver.  As I was walking back  to my classroom, I could not help but think: what was I thinking?!!
     So, here is what I miss:
  • talking about our students – not complaining about how awful they were, but talking about their quirky ways, their unique sixth grade take on life.  
  • sharing books we are reading/want to read.
  • trading ideas about lessons…notes about our experiences at TC.
  • problem solving student issues, colleague issues.
  • laughing.
     In the silence of my classroom, slowly sipping my way through my cappuccinos, I reflected on this new way of being – and missing the days when a coffee break was more than just about the coffee… 


11 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesdays: Missing the days when a coffee break was more than just about the coffee…

  1. I remember how fondly you wrote about Rachel, in class with you & the students & just saying goodbye, Tara. Sorry you're missing her so much. Bonnie hinted-what's up? Hope the cappuccinos are better than usual today!

  2. Am I reading between the lines you did not write? It is hard when the adults that surround you don't see life in the same way. It makes the job hard. I wish I could stop in for a cappuccino and a chat. Who knows, maybe someday! πŸ™‚

  3. I'm sure Rachel is missing you, too. I hope you are finding other ways to connect with her. I am jealous of your coffee break. Those look really rare and beautiful to me right about now. I know how it feels to miss a colleague. To find someone you can be with easily is a precious gift.

  4. I miss my Rachel too. She's of course not named Rachel, but she's a young teacher and she moved and I encouraged that. You remind me that I need to make more use of the cappuccino machine in my classroom. Those afternoon coffees sound delightful. Will have to stock up on milk and Agave syrup. This year I have a different lunch shift and new lunch-mates. I'm trying to forge relationships, but like you, I miss the colleagues I spent time with last year too. I bet Rachel misses you too.

  5. Oh, Tara, change is always hard. I'm missing two colleagues who retired this past year. There's something very special about sharing time and laughter with a friend at work. I love that you and Rachel talked about books together!

  6. I want to walk down the cafeteria with you and share some coffee in the middle of the teaching day. I feel your sadness at missing your friend but what lovely memories you have. I just know you were just the same kind of blessing to Rachel.

  7. Tara,Coffee is better when you've got a friend with whom to share…One of the teachers I worked with at the building that closed talks about missing our chats on all things school-we still get together now and then and we still call and text-but it's not the same as being together. I think I know how you feel missing a good friend…

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