Poetry Friday: Autumn by Grace Paley

POETRY FRIDAY is hosted by Amy @ The Poem Farm
Signs of Fall are everywhere, and I think I have moved from denial to embrace – I am ready.  I am most ready for the gorgeous colors of Fall here in the Northeast; colors that make a mundane walk with the dog around the neighborhood a feast for the eyes and the soul.  We have a lone birch tree, however, that is beginning to shed every leaf…and look upon the surrounding maples and oaks with envy….




What is sometimes called a   
   tongue of flame
or an arm extended burning   
   is only the long
red and orange branch of   
   a green maple
in early September   reaching
   into the greenest field
out of the green woods   at the
   edge of which the birch trees   
appear a little tattered   tired
   of sustaining delicacy
all through the hot summer   re-
   minding everyone (in   
our family) of a Russian
   song   a story
by Chekhov   or my father.
(You can read the rest of the poem here.)

8 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Autumn by Grace Paley

  1. There may be many Autumn reflections today, Tara. I have one, and so does Father Goose. The leaves just cause celebration, don't they? And while I love our golden aspen (like the birch), I still miss those glorious woods in Missouri (like yours in the ne), of reds and oranges and a little bit of yellow. Like Paley, they are 'somewhat' superficial! Thanks for this-I don't know it!

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