Poetry Friday: Being available – all the time

Poetry Friday is hosted by Doraine Bennett at Dori Reads
At the grocery store today, I heard my cell phone pinging and then ringing.  In the soup aisle and the paper goods aisle, and then the juice aisle and the dairy section, I pause to answer, text and email.  My children are reaching out – in between their classes and their work days, they have this and that to say.  No emergencies to report, no crisis…just the ability (and the desire) to reach out because they can…

My son calls me while I’m in line at the Stop & Shop

and I freeze, transporting tea from the cart
to the conveyer belt, mind racing to places
he might need me, as I answer my cell.
But he’s not calling for rescue from the scene
of an accident, a highway wreck or more
natural disaster, rather calling, as if I were
only in the next room. Home early
from school, he’s wondering what’s
for dinner and after being told, asks if I might
make mashed potatoes instead of rice.

(You can read the rest of the poem here.)


11 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: Being available – all the time

  1. Such truth about our times. Being so accessible can definitely be a burden sometimes and you can't help but wonder what everyone used to do before cell phones . . .

  2. I'm not sure there's anything nicer than to see my (grown) children's names on the phone screen, or my grandson's. What wonderful poem that shares that moment, Tara. I'm so glad you gave this to us today!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, Tara–I can relate! Sometimes the most connection I have with my 18yo daughter is a bit of texting in the morning, before any of her friends are awake to answer her:>)

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