Slice of Life Tuesday: Finding our port in a storm

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The storm broke just as the dismissal bell rang.  A window blew open and sent books crashing, papers flying.  Struggling to latch the window again,  I could see sheets of rain whipping across the school lawn and the road beyond.  The sky was a weird yellow- gray, and I recalled that my husband had forwarded an email earlier: “tornado warning…be careful going home!”   
The lights dimmed just as our Principal’s voice came over the school speaker system: the faculty meeting was cancelled, and all after school activities  were cancelled,  too.   Well, I thought to myself, I certainly wasn’t going anywhere yet, so I may as well settle in for some grading until things outside had quieted down.
One journal into the forty journal pile, the door opened to reveal four drenched and bedraggled looking students-from-last-year.  
“Can we hang out here? It’s kinda scary outside.”
No sooner had they settled into the comfy chairs, than there was another group, with much the same request.  And then more….and even more.  I passed out the lollipops.  They called home.  
The rain and wind whooshed and sloshed outside.  The lights dimmed from time to time.  We huddled together, my students and I, taking comfort in our very own port in a storm.

17 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Finding our port in a storm

  1. So nice that they knew you would welcome them, Tara, and that you had stayed, too. I assume you were all okay, and got home safely. It can be scary in storms like that, and they seem to happen just as school is out so often.

  2. They knew you would be there – weathering the storm of the day – just as you had been there last year – weathering the many storms of life that happen inside and outside of the classroom walls. I suspect they "saw" a sort of "beacon of light" and "source of respite" from the storm in the familiar confines of your room!

  3. What a special feeling that must have been for you and for them. A relationship that had started early and was renewed during a storm. The lollipops were an added benefit!

  4. How great that your kids knew they had a port to go to! And lollipops to boot! The longer I teach, the more I believe that kids need these safe places.

  5. Tara,As I continue to read your writing, I have to ask- are you as calm and serene as you come off as in your writing (at least to me?!)? When I read your writing, I get a picture of a warm, caring, comforting teacher and classroom. I want to be in there! This is a great blog to come to to remind myself of the teacher I am trying to be each day.

  6. I don't remember having more than two tornado warnings growing up in the NY Metropolitan Area. Now you hear of tornadoes in Queens. (And we had a tornado touch down a mile from our home about two years ago). They're really scary. All I want is to be with people who can make me feel safe when I know one is coming.

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