Slice of Life Tuesday: October baseball

The Tuesday Slice of Life Writing Community @ Two Writing Teachers

October baseball…
October baseball, when your team wins the division championship…
October baseball, when your team makes it to the World Series….
October baseball, when every day brings a sense of hope and anguish….
October baseball, when a moment of triumph can give way to bitter defeat…
October baseball, when cheers melt into tears, confidence fades into disbelief…
October baseball, when one dares to imagine that victory is at hand (maybe)…
October baseball, when it’s back to beautiful Fenway Park at last…
October baseball…

20 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: October baseball

  1. Tara,I noticed that both you and Catherine posted about baseball this week. Good luck to your boys in Boston…I know the town will go crazy if they win the series…both teams have worked so hard to get to this point. Looks like it's back to Boston!

  2. I imagine a Boston win will carry the month! We may even get to enjoy it during NCtE. I found myself substituting words for baseball (teaching, writing, learning). The end of a grading period can have these sames feelings of triumph and defeat for students and teachers…strong tides at the ends of things. Go SOX!

  3. I love the structure of this, Tara, and I love your word choice! You really captured the ups and downs of being a baseball fan! I can't relate to the feeling of World Series play-offs, but I can relate to the downs and hopes dashed. I'm a Cubs fan.

  4. Love this post! After traveling to Boston 10 times with soon to be sixth graders, I fell in love with Boston Red Sox. However, our children were born in St. Louis so I am being pulled in this world series. Love how you made the connections with Slice of Life.

  5. What can I, the Yankees fan, say about this post? Hmmm. Well, I do like the fact I'm not incredibly tired because of having stayed up late to watch games. Yep, that's it.But seriously, I like the form of this post, Tara (even if I am NOT a fan of your team)! "October baseball, when…" conjures up images of my favorite sport to watch and the excitement I've felt before when the Yankees were in the Series.

  6. We are both thinking about baseball in our SOL this week… little league vs the pros. We are Red Sox fans and can't wait for the next game. We need to catch up on our sleep, but there is nothing like the excitement in the air! My kids loved your post!Clare

  7. October baseball held some joy this year but alas the Dodgers lost to those"red birds" ( who shall remain nameless:) So now I am watching and rooting with you for your Red Sox. Maybe Friday?!?

  8. October baseball, when will it end? This season seems to drag on and on. I guess you can tell, I'm not much of a baseball (or any sport for that matter) fan. However, the Cards would be my team (if I had to choose). I will cheer for either team, just be done! 🙂

  9. While I have no team in this race, I still find the magic of the Series brings back memories of (long ago) afternoon games on TV for all of us, no matter what our team. Good luck to your team, I guess. For my team, maybe next year!

  10. So much fun to cheer for a winning team! I'm a fair weather Red Sox fan! I cheer for the Rockies all summer, but they aren't usually playing by this time of year, so then I switch over and become a Red Sox fan!

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