Slice of Life Tuesday: How I wasted an hour of my life, and enjoyed every moment

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I love Fall Back days.  Just the idea of gaining a hour of time is cause for celebration.  But, coming as it does in the Fall, with the school year in full swing,  Fall Back days are all the more cause for celebration.  The Saturday night before “Fall Back Sunday” (as I’d named and treasured it in my imagination all week), I went to bed thinking of all I would do the next day, when I woke up at my usual time only to realize that it was actually a whole hour before that time:

  • I’d get a head start on the laundry
  • Ditto the grocery list (and yes, just because I had that hour, I would also now remember to take this list to the grocery store – things like this are meant to happen on Fallback Sunday, aren’t they?
  • I would also update my school website and find a way to upload that very large file of images relating to our next Social Studies unit (it’s always easier to do this early in the morning, I’ve heard)
  • I would warm up for dog walking with some extra time on the treadmill.  I’ve heard that the best time to exercise is early in the morning – so here’s my chance.
  • I would call my parents in London first thing in the morning, not just as they were getting ready for bed. My mother has requested this so many times…so tomorrow morning would be a good time to start.

I was sure there were other things that I could accomplish, but I fell asleep before I could think of anything else.  Morning arrived, and here’s how I spent the extra hour:

  • I slept!
And then I remembered why I really loved Fall Back Days!


    12 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: How I wasted an hour of my life, and enjoyed every moment

    1. I too had SO many plans for that hour….hours and hours of plans for that hour…and I too stayed up a little bit too late watching a great movie (Million Dollar Baby) and thus I too slept the extra time away. We earned it. Your parents will, I hope, understand!

    2. I spent the week reminding everyone about the 'extra hour'! Aren't we funny? I suspect sleep is the way many Americans should have spent it, like you! From some articles I've read, Americans are the most sleep-deprived in the world! Definitely need that extra hour! Good for you, Tara!

    3. I love this! So many plans to pack into one hour. I did get up at my usual time but today I can't remember what I did. I probably read blogs and wrote comments which is what I do with spare time these days.

    4. It sounds like what you had planned would take a lot more than an hour anyway! By the way, I slept too! My husband made fun of me, but I knew it was worth it when yesterday, one of the grad students who's been observing me said "You look relaxed!" I guess I really needed that extra hour of sleep! 🙂

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