Celebrate this week – December 14, 2013

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Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

Today, I’m celebrating:
1. My kiddos – who continue to read mindful of their reading goals, but even more mindful of the joy reading brings:

2. Baking.  I am sad to admit, that this is the only time of year that I bake anymore.  So, hooray for Christmas pudding, Christmas cookies, and anything else that requires the following setup:

                                                           Photographs: Smitten Kitchen
3.  The fact that I will soon have (bigger versions of) these three back under our roof:

                                                          Olivia, Ben, Elizabeth: Christmas 1997

4. And the fact that their father is the kind of guy who will drive through a snowstorm (right now in New Jersey) to pick up our youngest, who wants to be home this weekend to trim the tree (and study for finals):

                                          Scott and Olivia, Wollman Rink, New York City, 2012
5.  This was a really tough Fibromyalgia week – each day built on the day before.  But I made it.  So I’m celebrating that…


11 thoughts on “Celebrate this week – December 14, 2013

  1. Three and four can make any heart melt, and number two promises some sweet treats, thumbs up for number one, number five (I had to look up, ouch) – glad you made it.

  2. I am hoping to get some baking done this week. Teachers always bring in sweet treats to share. Enjoy your day with your daughter trimming the tree. Hope she gets lots of studying done.

  3. I love the structure of this, photo followed by text. You have many reasons to celebrate. Love the photo of your kids from years ago! Praying for a better week in the health category.

  4. Baking at this time of the year is therapeutic and energizing. Expecting family to come, brings that joy of expectation that can fuel, at least me, for a few more days. Happy baking!

  5. Tara, I want to know more about that chart for reading goals. I need a close-up so I can figure it out. This is my first year without my daughter home sometime during the season. I was spoiled last year when her rotation ended early in December and she was here through January on her next rotation. Love the baking pictures and your turquoise mixing bowl. Blessings for better health next week. Snoopy does make one's heart happy!

  6. I bake for others, so understand your words about baking, Tara. Happy to hear about your lovely students and husband. Love seeing those sweet little ones, and glad they''re still as sweet, just grown up! Sorry about the physical challenges, hope vacation gives some help. Have a terrific Sunday!

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