Celebration Saturday: Ending the blogging year with celebrations.

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Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

Today, I’m celebrating community:
1. The room 202 community.  With each passing year, I feel less and less a sense of community and amity among the people I work with.  But each passing year brings a wider circle of students and their friends who have come to look upon our room as a community.  At our holiday party this year, we had sophomores visiting from college (my very first class of sixth graders), sixth grade alumni still in our building, my current classes, and their friends.  Our room represents a place of connection, and tremendous affection.  Our community draws me in to work every day with a heart open to new possibilities and satisfactions, it allows me to rise above petty negativity,  it sustains me…especially when I spy a note like this:

 2. My children.  I blogged about our Christmas cranberry and popcorn garland this Slice of Life Tuesday, reflecting a bit on how the rites of this  season  are woven into the very fabric of my relationship with my children.  Within moments of texting the three of them this picture to let them know what I was up to:

I received texts of joy, support for the effort, and (from Elizabeth)  this: 
the garland we created in 2007, the last one for which Elizabeth was home when the project began.  In the texts that flew between us that evening (I guess I should also celebrate technology – which allows us to “reach out and touch” each other every day!), I took joy and comfort in the community that is my children: three very different individuals, with very different lives and chosen paths, but one community of shared memories and love, which is always there to sustain and come home to.  
3. My writing community…here at A Teaching Life, and also here:
and now here:
Discover. Play. Build.
It is so inspiring to touch base with this community just about every day to learn about our teaching lives, our daily lives, our trials and our celebrations.  We know of family member to welcome, and those we’ve bid goodbye to.  Of new endeavors launched and new challenges wrestled with.  Of beautiful views we’ve seen, old friends we’ve connected with, and new relationships we’ve begun. Of thoughts, inspirations, puzzlements, worries and consternations.  One of the best things about NCTE was being able to connect to that community in person – to make it more “real” somehow.  And so I celebrate my writing community – fellow educators, writers, poets. Friends.
4. And, finally, I celebrate this message. posted on Patricia Polacco’s Facebook page:
…it’s a message I want to take into each and every day.
Happy holidays, my friends.  Enjoy the season’s gifts of family time, love, rest and new beginnings.  I’ll be back…next year!
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15 thoughts on “Celebration Saturday: Ending the blogging year with celebrations.

  1. Students coming back to visit is a highlight, isn't it?! Love that you had fun texting your kids about family traditions. Great quote on Patricia Polacco's Facebook page! Enjoy the holidays!

  2. People and connections – I wish everyone to feel the joy of belonging and being cared about. We don't always know how much our words or deeds (even the small ones) matter. Patricia Polacco's message is a good reminder to be kind every day. Have a lovely holiday!

  3. I'm up early this morning to read, write and reflect a bit before the day begins….and your post was just what I need. Thank your for the reminder to celebrate the diversity of our children, students and traditions. Polacco's quote is a keeper for me this holiday too! May your Christmas and the whole new year be filled with blessings and caring.

  4. I am sorry that your teaching community at school feels less amicable with the passing of time — that's a shame. It's good that your class, family, and electronic communities are so joyful and enriching! Wishing you all the best in 2014, Tara!

  5. I'm so happy to be part of your community, and like you celebrating those wonderful text exchanges re cranberry and popcorn strings (what a great blend of past and present) I'm glad for the way the internet has let us become friends. Wishing you happy holidays!

  6. This part makes me sad (and I can relate…) "With each passing year, I feel less and less a sense of community and amity among the people I work with." But all the rest of the connections are so strong and loving and wise and fun…and I'm EVERSO glad to be able to count myself among them!

  7. Family time, love, rest, and new beginnings. Last year we went back to school on the 2nd. So glad to have another week to read, rest, and rejuvenate. Thanks for being part of my blogging world! This community is a precious gift.

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