Slice of Life Tuesday: An SOL about our class OLW


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I love being able to take the challenges of my own writing life, go through the messy process of trying to figure them out, and then sharing what I learned with my students.  Sometimes, I am still in the process of working something out, and they will show me the way ( I LOVE when that happens), and sometimes there’s just a collective a ha moment when my “solution” sparks new thinking for them.

So, having just struggled to find and define my one little word, I thought it was time to share my journey with my kiddos, and get them thinking about their own OLWs.  SO…my SOL today is about our morning of OLWs, which began with a minilesson (charts, please!):


olw 2

…a sharing of how in the world I came to “pause”:


…and then my OLW post from last week, to share my own journey.  My kiddos were immediately captivated with the very idea of a OLW. Soon, there were giggling conversations about words, ideas about words, shades of meanings about words, connections between words…..and this was just a delight for this English teacher.

Now, I am just as excited for next week, when they will bring their OLW in to share for our first ever OLW Celebration!! Best of all, Bonnie Kaplan will be with us (we hope) to document this project, and record how it all turns out in room 202.

Stay tuned…..


18 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: An SOL about our class OLW

  1. Thank you for sharing. It’s fascinating to hear the behind the scenes teacher thinking and peek into a classroom. I like your first chart with the collection of the different guiding questions for choosing OLW. Your pause is building suspense.

  2. What lucky kids to live with such a literate teacher! The things you do and share with your class are life changing. You show them what the literate road looks like and how to travel it.

  3. Tara, you do not know how many times I wish I was a student in your class, right now as an adult! 🙂 It sounds like such a place of thought and encouragement. I agree with Elsie, your work with your students is life changing! I so appreciate you and your sharing this.

  4. When we share our writing life with our students, we enrich their lives as well as our own. My students and I always benefit from this exchange. I wrote about this today, too. My students did a weird word association movement activity like I did in a workshop. Their response was as varied as they are, but I did it with them. They loved that part!

  5. Sounds just terrific, Tara. This will be something important for their future slicing too, don’t you think? And aid in finding new kinds of research, new ways to present feelings about the OlW and the connections with others. Wow! And love that Bonnie will be with you too!

  6. Can’t wait to read the next installment! Julie Johnson’s kids wrote OLW posts on their blogs and created beautiful art to go with it. I think she posted about it last Saturday, you might want to check it out.

  7. While I love the concept of doing this with kids, it fell VERY short with my little kids! I did, get them going with a WORD bank where my reluctant readers and writers chose OLW to guide their reading and writing in 2014, I LOVE that you left us with a cliff hanger but even more than that I would LOVE to spend a day in your classroom!

  8. Oh!! I want to do this. I love how this promotes language and the nuance of words. We’re still working on our Sunshine posts in class but I think the OLW might be a fun next step in researching ourselves. Thank you so much! I’ll be using your charts!

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