Slice of Life Tuesday: Here comes another snow day!

Slice of Life Challenge #25: Coming to terms with fibromyalgia

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When the phone rang at 5:15 this morning, I knew that it was most likely related to the approaching winter storm.

Early dismissal, today!

I could almost hear the shouts of joy all the way from the town in which I teach to the town in which I live – my kiddos would be beginning their days with a smile, a huge “hooray for half day” smile.  A smile that may  even last   until they arrived at my classroom door,  and possibly even include the moments when they sat in their  seats.

I was not wrong.

J. was the first to come hurtling through my door.  On a regular, first day of the week day, he slouches  in – droopy eyed, saggy shoulders, the “here’s  another week of school” look of resignation.  Not today though. Today he was bright-eyed and full of enthusiasm – for snow, for a half day, and for the possibility of another snow day tomorrow.  He was practically skipping as he came in.

One by one, his classmates skipped in as well. “Half day, Mrs. Smith!” each of them announced, as though they had to repeat it  just to believe it was really happening – their dreams were coming true!  “We may have a snow day tomorrow, too!” they gleefully announced – new dreams to hope will come through.

All morning, their attention was  focused on the windows – has it started yet?

All morning, their eyes sparkled with anticipation – we can hardly wait!

When, at last, the bell rang signaling the end of morning block (an hour and a half jammed into 45 minutes) , they sprang to their seats and sang their goodbyes: “Have fun Mrs. Smith!” “We’ll see you on Thursday!” “Woo hoo – half the day is done already!!”

In the silence that follows, the classroom reverberates with the good spirits of my kiddos – their exuberant celebration of SNOW DAY!!


25 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Here comes another snow day!

  1. That phone message sends ripples out into the world of possibilities. Interesting that you noticed the difference in their demeanor with the anticipation of the oncoming snow. It’s another snow day for me too, which means another day to reschedule. 😦

  2. I love snow days. I feel as excited about them as your students. There is no day like a snow day… I usually sing that while I skip around my kitchen making an extra pot of hot coffee!

  3. What a great slice! This brought me right back to my childhood and the excitement that came with the few and far between snow days. I love your style of writing! It was refreshing and great to follow along. Thanks for sharing!

  4. First, thank you for LINKING my post. I was in a hurry this morning, rushing out the door when I posted. I too had a half day/snow day but like all teachers, I knew there were a few things I had to get done! I ended up with a 2.5 hour drive home; however, I know that teachers are indeed the lucky ones. The rest of the world does not get snow days so I am not complaining. I hope you are enjoying the afternoon – and a cup of tea – in my sweats – like me.

  5. Winter has come on strong this year, hasn’t it? I’m sure it is quite unusual to cancel school before the storm even starts, but that anticipation is always exciting. I love how you captured your students words and thoughts. Funny how their attitudes change a bit knowing what is to come . . . Be safe and enjoy the extra reading time!

  6. You know that response well, Tara! Where did you get that pic? Did your students make it? So fun, & if you own it, may I have one so I can use it if we ever get a snow day? Also have to say that I bet a few teachers were hopping around and smiling too!

  7. Southern California, non-mountain dwellers, like I was growing up and like my students are now, have no schema for snow days! So I enjoyed experiencing the transformation that happens in your slice. It is fascinating to read about as you ( and many fellow slicers) describe this ritual. Enjoy the extra moments and be safe!

  8. No snow days for us down here in the deep south, but I can hear the excitement. We are expecting cold, but somehow the cold always brings dry air. I think our last snow day was in 1988. Then, we even had enough snow to make a snow bunny.
    This reminds me today was the 100th day of school, so the kids (and some teachers) dressed like they were 100 years old. One students spoke of her mom, a teacher, “She’s dressed like a teacher from the 80’s.” I said, “Hey, I was a teacher in the 80’s.”

  9. I loved that phone call 🙂
    But the ride home on an early dismissal could be a nail biter.
    It’s cool that kids are sharing their good feelings with you even if it’s not exactly the excitement you want.

  10. A change in schedule is always refreshing for the young and older. I enjoyed your word choice to capture their enthusiasm. The photo at the end is a great idea, I might have to borrow it.

  11. We also got an early-morning call for our early dismissal. I’m sure it makes it easier for parents to make plans. I always over-plan what I’m going to accomplish with this “found” time. Fingers crossed for a whole day off tomorrow!

  12. Thanks for sharing what I will probably never experience — the sudden gift of a day. Sadly. Growing up and teaching in So.California we don’t have these unexpected free days. I can imagine it feels like bonus time. The closest I get to this is a scheduled early dismissal day. Not quite the same excitement for the kids simply because it is scheduled!

  13. I love the picture! My girls are in the middle of midterms so these half days are definitely taking the pressure of the studying. I’m sure that some of the cheers that you heard were from Farmington High School students who didn’t have to take more than one exam today!

  14. Many of my students complained today because we did not have a snow day! Some have come to expect that when it is cold and snowy, it means no school. I have to admit, I would have been just fine with a snow day! Well, there is always hope when you live in the “snow belt” area. Enjoy your vacation tomorrow!

  15. No snow days yet in Colorado. Really no need for them yet- just lots of super cold temps and icky driving days, but nothing serious enough for a day off! I sure would like one or two though!

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