Slice of Life Tuesday: I still hear them singing….


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It is late at night, and only our old house keeps me company with its sighs and creaks.  This used to be the music hour when our kids lived at home.  This was the time when, homework finally out of the way,  our kids would practice their choir pieces, guitar riffs, harp and piano selections.  Upstairs, as I drifted in and out of sleep, I would catch melodies and strains of notes from whichever child was practicing.  In between, they would pause to meet at the kitchen island, to confer over a bowl of ice cream, or milk and cookies.  The clink of plates and cups, and the low rumble of conversation would take the place of music.  I’d glance at the clock, fret over the lateness of the hour and wonder if I should make my way downstairs and be the voice of reason: get to bed, already! tomorrow is a school day!

Now, the instruments lie idle, gather dust.  In the stillness of the night, if I listen , I can remember the music hour…and how my children made this old house sing.



19 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: I still hear them singing….

  1. When I read your title, I thought of the videos you have shared of your daughter singing. There was a pinch of sadness in this slice, yet some hope too. The instruments have not been packed away, they are waiting. They won’t make music daily, but sometimes. I hope the sometimes will come soon.

  2. This is so beautiful. I can relate to the drifting in and out of sleep and fretting about whether to go downstairs and remind them to get to bed- it’s a school night. Your slice reminds me that those sounds will be just a memory in a few short years.

  3. Such wonderful memories. Silence can be wonderful, but hearing and recalling the music made by children makes life beautiful. Thanks for sharing your memory.

  4. Really a beautiful piece of your life, Tara. Those sounds that echo in our minds are sometimes sad to remember, but still precious to have. I, like Terje, thought of Livy and her group when I read your title. Your home is full of music whether real or imagined!

  5. I started my day reading your piece and then I had mascara running down my face and had to leave for work. I never had a chance to comment, but it stayed with me all day. They were tears of joy – because my house is still full of the “music” and tears of sorrow – because I know how fleeting these days are. Thank you for reminding me to treasure every moment even when I think I have nothing left to give.

  6. My heart has a melancholy smile right now. We have guitars and basketballs…for now. But I know I will miss them such a short time from now. It is those kind of memories that are tucked into special places of the heart. Beautiful!

  7. Ah the music hour! I love it! Such a good memory. I understand the still, quiet house. I live alone and often find that nights can be the hardest, so I usually have some music on (as I do right now!)

  8. The love of music is so deeply instilled in your kids. I think of the posts of your girl singing, your comment on your son and his struggle to reach artistic goals. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely, loving home and heart.

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