Slice of Life March Challenge: March 8th., 2014 – Celebrating SOLSC, first aid equipment, and Vicki Vinton

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The March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers .  


Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

I’m celebrating a week of March slicing – a week of writing every day, no matter what, and a week of reading and commenting on so many wonderful slices.  I thought I would be much more organized this year about when I would write my slice (the night before) and when I would comment (at breakfast, lunch , after school) and which would help me juggle the March  Challenge with all my other responsibilities.  That hasn’t worked out, and probably never will, so I write when I can and comment when I can and have stopped stressing about being “organized”.   So, I celebrate all the writers who have made the commitment to post a slice every day in March, just as I have, no matter what we have to juggle.

Snoopy juggling

And today I am also celebrating the fact that I AM organized in at least one area of my life: the linen closet.  Now that the kids have moved out, I am going room by room, closet by closet, Saturday by Saturday, cleaning out and organizing.  Today it was time to turn to the linen closet and toss out years of first aid “stuff”.  Since our’s was the house where kids came to play, I had collected a whole closet full of first aid material: anything I would need to treat wounds that were the result of a variety of accidents.

We had many varieties over the years, and I had learned to be prepared for bike accidents which were different from skateboarding accidents , and these were not the same as tree climbing accidents or roof climbing accidents (don’t ask – please!), and then there were craft making accidents and those that I needed to be prepared for at the town pool.  There were also miscellaneous events to be ready for – bee stings, bug bites, and sun burn.  I have every  kind of band aid, and rolls and rolls of bandages in different sizes and lengths. Also Ace bandages, for every joint and limb.  So, today I am celebrating tossing them all away: we are no longer the “play” house, and I no longer need to be prepared!

1b - First aid bin

And, finally, today I am also celebrating another amazing post form the always amazing Vicki Vinton about graphic organizers (UGH!) and thinking outside the box.  Why are some teachers so drawn to linking every activity with some beautifully designed but utterly deadening graphic organizer???!!!  I see young colleagues running off dozens and dozens of graphic organizers at every turn in the curriculum, and this makes me want to scream.  Now, I don’t have to…I can simply send them a link to Vicki’s blog. So, once again, I celebrate Vicki Vinton.



22 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge: March 8th., 2014 – Celebrating SOLSC, first aid equipment, and Vicki Vinton

  1. I’m going right to Vickie’s blog to have a look. I was really sweating about the organization and having enough to write about also…it is strange…a little crazy that they just come. I’m trying to relax and lean into this good thing, when everything around me is simply crazy right now.. Thank you so much for all you do on the blog Tara! xo

  2. Tara, I’m so relieved I am not the only person who has to modify and adjust my plans this week! And I join you in celebrating Vicki Vinton! Her common sense and wisdom shine through in each and every post she writes.

  3. I have Vicki’s blog in the feed, but haven’t read it yet-now I will! When I moved, I cleaned that stuff out too, Tara, not needed even with grandchildren coming over! We do collect an amazing amount of stuff don’t we? It’s rather fun to do that kind of organization, and easy to look at a cleaner closet! Have a great weekend!

  4. Love the Snoopy Woodstock image- so how I feel- only I am not smiling if I am Snoopy and most days I feel like Woodstock. I felt tense when you were so down on graphic organizers because I find they help my fifth graders write so much better, but I will be heading directly over to Vicki Vinton’s site to see what I might be confused on. Thanks for the heads up and the Slice forum for helping me to grow as a writer and a teacher.

  5. I love the picture of Snoopy juggling! 🙂 Oh, I SOOO need to do what you’re doing – organize this cluttered and messy house. Soon my empty nest days are coming, so that’s how I will need to use my Saturdays, too! You’ll be my inspiration. 🙂

  6. I’m not surprised you had the house that the kids wanted to play at. You do the juggling so well they could count on you to have all things necessary. And now I’m hurrying to Vicki’s post. Love her thinking. Where would my teaching be with out it! Happy Saturday!

  7. Clean closets, I need some of that in our house. The flotsam seems to collect in our front hall closet, but I know I don’t want to tackle it until it’s too hot to be outside. Thanks for sharing Vicki’s wisdom.Though I have written and created graphic organizers for a variety of purposes, I hold onto the idea that the best graphic organizer is a blank piece of paper. She reminds me of that.

  8. You shared a new way to categorize accidents: I always thought there were just bruises, cuts, burns, and something else. The time-management during slicing runs true to many of us. Thank you for the link to Vicky’s blog. (Read it) I have her on my blogroll, but because of the March madness I have trouble reading all the blogs I follow. Good to have recommendations. Have a fabulous Sunday.

  9. My small home has slowly been organized as well. Now I just need pictures on the walls! Vicky’s blog is a great resource. Maybe now it is time for tea and relaxing.

  10. I totally agree about trying to get a pattern for writing and commenting. I am all out of whack. At first I was an early “posta” and these last couple have made it in time by the skin of my teeth. Thanks for the tip for the graphic organisers. 🙂 And…thanks for being such an encourager on this challenge. You really make a difference. 🙂

  11. I have had a few days here at the end of the week that were certainly a challenge. I hope some more careful planning for this week, will help me to keep all of the balls, or should I say Woodstocks in the air! Thanks for the link to Vicky’s blog!

  12. Somewhere I read plans are made to be changed. So I only plan a little. My husband was sorting through our collection of hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves today. Many were tossed. He’s a tosser, I’m a might need it person. I will try to be more ruthless as I set out to organize my office when my days are completed.
    Loved Vicki’s blog this morning! I had been thinking how can I incorporate this into one school I have yet to finish this year.

  13. I just read Vickie’s blog! Thank you for sharing this! It will definitely help me as I am battling the “when and what to use” graphic organizer questions. I am also glad that you are getting to clean out some spaces. Cleaning can be hard work but also so very fun as it brings back memories and lets you imagine new possibilities for old spaces or items.

  14. I love how you divide up all the different kinds of accidents. None of my first aid classes every were that specific?! And now I have to go check Vickie’s blog.

  15. I think I am doing the opposite with my first aid collection – it seems to be growing. It sits in my very organized linen closet if that counts though! I too loved Vicki’s post. Just read it a few hours ago.

  16. Tara, I love your celebrations. Writing, home and something to help teachers. Love it. And I am celebrating all of the comments that you have made on my blog. Know that it is something I really value. By the way, tomorrow I am writing about celebrations too.

  17. Thanks so much, Tara! I think I managed to say in this post what many teachers feel—and clearly this one has hit its mark. Between other bloggers and twitters, I’ve had over 1500 views this weekend, which for me is really a lot! Now if only I could post more frequently. I’m so impressed by how much you get written!

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