Slice of Life March Challenge: March 12, 2014 – Eight Things Right Now

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The March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers .  

Eight Things Right Now (inspired by Mandy Robeck’s post  ) in no particular order of importance, and two short…but it will have to do:

1.  Create a few baskets of “oldies but goodies” in my  classroom library.  There are wonderful books that seem to be  tucked away in the back of my bookshelves, books that seem rather neglected these days.  We are so fortunate to have amazing YA authors gifting us new books at an incredible rate, but I need to make sure that books like “The Great Gilly Hopkins” and “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” find their way into my kids’ reading lives again.

2.  Toss away old anchor charts.  Why is it that these are so hard to let go?  Just yesterday afternoon, a whole pile of them came crashing down from atop a bookshelf.  They were faded, with curling edges and covered in dust.  But, I felt nostalgic about all the learning moments I had captured in those charts – dare I toss them away? Will I need to reference them some day?  No. It’s time, I think,  to let them go.

3.  Find the time to take my kids outside for our read aloud – the warmer weather is here( for a little while, at least), and they’ll appreciate the change of scene.

4.  Buy a new pair of dog walking clogs – the old pair looks sad, sad, sad.  Even the dog is embarrassed to walk with me.

spacer download (1)

5.  Finish our “Cool Places to Visit in Philly ” map, to get ready for our April field trip.

6.  Make this new casserole  from Smitten Kitchen for dinner – doesn’t it look delicious?


7.  Take the dog for a ramble in the woods – the snow has mostly melted, and she would be thrilled … but I’ll wear the old clogs for this walk.

8.  Figure out how to create a class page for ThingLink.  This would be fabulous for our Social Studies projects, and for book club responses.


23 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge: March 12, 2014 – Eight Things Right Now

  1. Tara- A great little list! I can so identify with the chart thing. I don’t ever use the same charts twice, but it’s really hard to let them go. And please invite me for dinner when you make that casserole. It looks delicious!

  2. Clogs–I need to wear my new ones inside a few more days before I am ready for a full day with them. I am sure m y dog (if I had one) would be embarrassed by my old ones as well. Time to break in the spring ones! ThingLink looks interesting as well!

  3. Snippets of life are what we need once and a while. I love the variety from the classroom to your kitchen, future shopping, and out with the dog. A busy life, not just a teaching life.

  4. I like that you’re pulling out those classic books and putting them in front of the kids. I agree that sometimes they get neglected with all the great new kidlit, but kids still love them! Like Jaana, I LOVE the photo at the top of your blog! And the casserole. Ha.

  5. Nice mix… I’m going to try that. Let’s add one to get crackin’ on getting back for a visit 🙂 My camera should be back by next week, fixed at no charge to me 🙂

  6. First I love the new header photo. It matches the warmer weather you’re getting (it’s about time). I hope it keeps up. I also see a theme of well worn and loved pieces of your life that are hard to let go of for the new … charts, clogs… but not the books. Interesting. Sometimes I feel like those older titles are hard for my students to connect to. Still holding on to Gilly and Roll of Thunder. Those title often need a little support to find their way in to kids backpacks.

  7. I saw that broccoli cheese and rice casserole on Smitten Kitchen and wanted to make it too. It’ll have to wait ’til next week though since I already have this week’s menu planned. LMK how it is. (I’m sure it’s fantastic like all of the rest of her recipes!)

    Enjoy the new clogs and reading outside (when it warms up again).

  8. Your new photo makes me very wistful, Tara. Love the list, and love that you might be able to get into the woods-wonderful! Also, our librarian & I talk a lot about those older books that need some more love. Some kids have not even heard of Katherine Patterson or Mildred Taylor! I’m glad you’re going to do something about it! And, throwing away when I moved out of the classroom was very hard, but I don’t miss much so far. Occasionally I’ll want some little thing, but will find a substitute. Go for it! Great post!

  9. Hey, I love your new picture at the top of your blog. I want to go there and have a cup of tea underneath all those hanging tendrils. How about you take a photo of all those amazing anchor charts then give them away or let the kids cut them up and make a collage anchor chart which has bits of their learning for the whole term/year? Just a thought. You have inspired me to write a list. Great slice 🙂

  10. What a great list! It’s like spring cleaning and shopping. I just hate throwing away anchor charts. They take so much effort and what if a kid still needs to refer to a chart. I know you are supposed to take a picture but I often forget. Thinglink sounds really cool. I clicked on the sight and it does seem just right for a social studies project! Also, the clogs are super cute! Love the color!

  11. That’s a great list. Where do you find the time to write great slices, make great comments, make fabulous meals, and walk the dog? Are you super woman? Seriously, I’d like to hang out with you for real.

  12. Tara, use your phone to snap pics of those anchor charts, and then you can recycle them with no fears. The casserole looks yummy! Now I’m wondering about ThingLink, something new to explore. So many fun things, but never enough time.

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