Slice of Life March Challenge: March 22, 2014 – Five Saturday joys

orange soltwt

The March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers .  

Five things I am looking forward to today:

1. The Saturday Reunion at TC

download (4)

2. The keynote by Diane Ravitch – hearing her word of wisdom, encouragement, empowerment:

images (3)

3.  Being inspired and rejuvenated, listening and learning, sharing and participating:


4.  Meeting members of the Two Writing Teachers’ family of slicers and writers:

download (5) images (4)

5. Having dinner with my daughters – sharing news, laughter, love :

photo (7)


25 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge: March 22, 2014 – Five Saturday joys

  1. What a fun Saturday. And lunch with your girls to top off the day. Sounds delightful! We’ll be looking forward to a report from your Saturday Reunion.

  2. Oh, what a perfect Saturday. And as one of the other lovely commenters on this post said, please take good notes so we can all learn some more. Have fun!

  3. Aren’t the Saturday reunions the best. I am a Maggie/Kate/Audra groupie. Even though I only teach math now – I still go! It feeds my teacher soul.

  4. Great celebrations. I would like to hear Diane Ravitch. Did your daughter’s group ever hear back from their audition?

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