Slice of Life March Challenge: March 23rd., – My TWT @ TC #SOL moment.

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The March Slice of Life Challenge is hosted by Two Writing Teachers .  

The Saturday Reunions at TC are an experience all their own.  My day was filled with learning,  thinking about learning, and yearning to bring all of it back into my little classroom, to my kids.  There is so much to love about a day spent with teachers who are passionate about their work, and educators  who  are devoted to nurturing that passion.  I love being in a room with people like this…my people.  And, at these Saturday Reunions, we begin with a cathedral full of “my people”, listening to none other than Diane Ravitch calling on educators to join together and work to save public education.  My favorite line, and the one that resonated most: “Enrich education, not standardize it.” Amen.

Today’s slice, however, zooms in on one moment…a true Two Writing Teachers moment.  And here’s why.  We gather here to slice on Tuesdays, and to visit our posts on other days, from all parts of the world.  We are teachers, former teachers, student teachers, literacy coaches, writers, and poets.  We read about each other’s lives, congratulate, mourn, encourage, think, and imagine together. Every one in a while, we have the pleasure of actually meeting each other, and when that happy moment takes place, each of us seems to have the same reaction: that it felt like a wonderful reunion with someone we felt we knew.  Our slices, and our comments (and I think it’s the commenting that really knits us together – it’s the reactive, thoughtful, I-read-you-post-and -know -what-you-thought/meant/felt comments that we leave for each other  that makes these on-line connections so meaningful.  If someone takes the time to read what we’ve written and leave a thoughtful comment, that is golden).  So, through my slice of life, blogging world experience, I have “met” and “connected” with many a wonderful soul.

Which brings me to the TWT moment on Saturday, when Stephanie Harvey announced that her presentation on digital learning would focus on her experiences with Katie Muhtaris’ fifth grade classroom.  Yes, that would be the Katie whose blog I’ve  followed since my earliest blogging and SOL days, whose Facebook page I look forward to seeing so I can stay up to date on what’s happening with her adorable baby, and whose Tweets I look forward to.  And, suddenly, I was in Katie’s classroom:

photo 1 photo 2

…and Katie was exactly the teacher I’d imagined her to be.  She was warm, funny, wry, engaging, challenging.  And her kids, clearly, adored her. And, because I had read her posts about writing the grant for a set of classroom ipads, and the learning adventure that launched (a new way of integrating technology in the classroom, a book co-authored with Stephanie Harvey!), I had a better appreciation for all the hard work and dedication that made for the seamless lesson we were viewing, right there in the Davis Auditorium at TC…many miles, and many months away from Katie’s classroom.

“That’s my friend, Katie!” I blurted out loud, unable to contain my excitement.

“She’s an amazing teacher,” said the woman watching and taking notes next to me .

Yes…that she is…but I knew that already…thanks to sharing slices all these years with Katie.   Which was my TWT @ TC  #SOL moment.


22 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge: March 23rd., – My TWT @ TC #SOL moment.

  1. How awesome Tara! I love moments like these. It’s the best feeling when you are connected to a “rock star” in the world of education!
    I also believe the comments are golden and knit our relationships within the TWT community! It’s very special!

  2. ” I love being in a room with people like this…my people. ” This is so true! This is exactly how I felt at TC on Saturday. I feel so rejuvenated. When Anna introduced you at her workshop, I was star struck! As Katie is your rock star, you are one of mine! I thought, “I know her, she comments on my blog!” Thanks for the warm hug and hello.

  3. What a special moment! It’s amazing how a little blog like TWT (that has grown tremendously!) has weaved so many lives and then through social media we are able to stay connected until the one day when face-to-face meetings happen. It’s quite surreal to know someone so well through their words and stories. That’s the power and mission of TWT. Love how your slice showed the power of connection.

  4. The world shrinks because of our connections to one another with our stories. Story ties us together, and when we can meet, life becomes even sweeter. What a great moment for you yesterday. I love following all that Katie does too. Maybe I need to get Facebook so I can see that baby too.

  5. I’m so sorry I didn’t see you yesterday, Tara! It’s always a thrill to meet up with Slicer/Twitter friends in person. I’m still trying to organize my thoughts about all wisdom that was shared yesterday. Can’t wait to get back to school and share!

  6. That is SO cool! I love that we can feel like we know each other in the blogging community even before we’ve met each other in real life. It’s an amazing connection – all through writing and sharing.

  7. Starting in the cathedral with an “amen” message then going to that surreal moment of seeing the reality of your imaginings. Wow what a day. I feel I “know” the slicers I read and respond to. I feel I talk with you about things that matter so much. I’ll tell my face-to-face colleagues and students about “conversations” I have with my teacher friends. I forget most of the time our words aren’t spoken, they are written. But I hear them. A testament to the importance of writing and the power of words. Technology isn’t taking away the importance of reading and writing well, it is making it more important.

  8. I kept seeing all the tweets from yesterday and being jealous! Thanks for zooming in on this special slicing moment — isn’t it wonderful how our words can bring us together? How neat that you got to see Katie in action after knowing her words for so long!

  9. Your post gets a whole lot of amens from me, Tara, and that is not a word I use very often. I wish that I had made it there yesterday! One of these days, you and I will connect… Loved the story that you tell about Katie and all of the truths that weave through it. I’m also loving the snippets of wisdom from TC yesterday. Please keep sharing!

  10. Like you, I love the connections I’ve made through blogging and Twitter. This story is wonderful. Now, I need to go meet Katie and visit her blog. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time yesterday. One of these days I’m going to make it to TC. 🙂

  11. This is completely a dream of mine – to come together, in “real” life, with some of the amazing educators I have met here in the blogging world! I must say – I am a bit jealous of your TC get-together! 🙂

  12. This is why I spend a silly amount of money to go to a conference once a year. I find I can be quite isolated on this side of the world (Japan) and those connections with old friends and new friends and colleagues sustain me throughout the year. This story is such a nice reminder of that joy.

  13. Such kind thoughts my friend. It is embarrassing, even now, to watch these videos. But I love being able to share with teachers how things really look. Thank you so much for your post and for your continued support and comments on my blogs. To many more meetings both in real life and the virtual world.

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