Slice of Life Tuesday: April 1st., 2014 – Why my kids call me the teacher bag-lady…especially on Mondays

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 The  Monday trek up to my classroom is, by far, the most harried of the week.  I know I should plan better,  and that I don’t have to haul every little thing I think I will need for the week ahead in on Monday…especially a rainy Monday.  I was thinking these sensible thoughts yesterday morning at 6:45 a.m., just as I was lugging five bags up the staircase to my room.  I was also remembering a Monday not too long ago that had begun in this exact way, and had netted me a fancy Rolex.  I wasn’t sure what this Monday had in store for me, although I was wishing desperately that the elevator was on the parking lot side of our building and be of some use to me.  

So, what was in those bags (half of which are displayed below) and why do I persist in such Monday morning foolishness?

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First,  reading journals all read, commented upon, and graded:


Next, a collection of succulent plants I’d seen at Trader Joe’s.  I am not sure why  I thought that I needed more plants for my classroom, but it had seemed like a great idea  when I was standing in front of them…it seemed like a necessary idea…and so…




I also needed to restock the candy jar which I use for the occasional bribe treat:


Then there were the books I’d previewed for my kids and were ready for book talks and display:

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There were also my Reading, Writing, and Social Studies notebooks, and my plan book:

photo (20)

Plus, lunch:


And, finally supplies for my classroom:

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The one thing I forgot? That would be my Monday flowers…still sitting on the kitchen island…


…waiting for Tuesday morning.


22 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: April 1st., 2014 – Why my kids call me the teacher bag-lady…especially on Mondays

  1. What did we do before those reusable grocery store bags? 😉
    I used to use them when I was in the classroom too.

    Love the tissue boxes you bought almost as much as the plants. Having plants definitely makes it more homey. And from what I can tell, your students are at home with you.

  2. It is fun to get a glimpse on what others carry in their bags. It is a good thing I did not see those succulent plants on my trip to TJ this weekend. Plants are my weakness both at home and at school..

  3. And the government only allows a deduction for $750 from teachers on expenses? That is what my husband informed me of yesterday. You must easily exceed that amount. I teach at 2 schools, so I haul everything in a rolling cart. I usually carry a towel when it rains. Your students must love Mondays to see what you have brought.

  4. I always fear my neighbors are secretly calling me the pack mule. I must say, I am really impressed by how productive you were over the weekend. I’m really good at carrying things back and forth, and less good at actually doing the work. That can count as my exercise, can’t it? Btw, after seeing the contents of your bags, I really wish I were in your class!

  5. OK sooo funny. I have those bags, love that salad, of course you needed those succulents, SNOT, wipes, notebooks, books, of course. I hope the flowers are ok.
    (The only way I seem to avoid the many bags is going in on the weekend. )

  6. This is awesome! I loved peeking into your bags. 🙂 A couple things made me laugh – the crossed out “bribe,” the labels on the tissues, and the impulse plant purchase. Like Lee, I want to be in your class!!

  7. Oh my, and I thought I had many bags on Mondays. Thank you for sharing your Monday mornings with us. The flowers and the books were my favorites last time and this time too.

  8. I’ve often said that teachers are the original bag ladies. I hope sometimes to find a student who’ll help me haul some of the bags. It’s a long, long trek from the parking lot to my office! I “get” what you do. I much preferred taking things home & going through the journals, etc. at my leisure, & making all the plans, etc. But-it does make Monday morning interesting. Love seeing the pics, Tara!

  9. I was having similar thoughts at 6:30 a.m. on Monday as I was loading my car with everything I needed for a presentation and also again when I was lugging everything from my car to of end of the building to use the elevator only to then drag it back the way I came (just on the 2nd floor now). Fortunately, I didn’t have rain. Enjoy the flowers.

  10. I inherited a cart several years ago. It’s the best when the bags number too many! How many reading journals did you take home? I’m always struggling to stay caught up.

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