Celebration Saturday: April 5th., 2014 – SOLSC, Argument Protocols, and Spring Break!!!


Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

After a month of writing every day for the March Slice of Life Challenge, I wasn’t going to post today…I thought I needed a break.   Then I began thinking about the week,  and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I HAD to post today – there was so much to celebrate!  So…

1. The March Slice of Life Challenge:

download (5)

 I wrote , and read, and commented every single day.  It was hard work, but such an amazing experience to be a part of this supportive and inspiring writing community.  As always, it connected me to new friends all over the world – from right here in New Jersey to all the way in Australia.   This year, I’ve printed out each slice for my writer’s notebook, too – slices to revise and perfect, and add on to.  This is something I’m doing along with my students, which makes it all the better.

2. Six Months as part of the Two Writing Teachers Team


I had a lot of doubts and questions about whether I could contribute anything of value, or even manage the work involved, when I accepted Stacey’s invitation.  TWT had always been my go to place for sustenance as a writing teacher – what on earth could I bring to the table?  But, I have always counseled my own children to push themselves, to accept challenges because that is the only way we grow…so, I took my own advice.  It”s been a wonderful and rewarding  journey.

3. Completing a successful launch of the Argument Protocol in my classroom 

photo 1 photo 2

Ever since I first learned of this  in Mary Ehrenworth’s Summer Institute ’13  session on argument writing, I have wanted to try it out with my kids. We’ve spent the last two weeks doing exactly this, with many opportunities to take a stance,  caucus,  and write  flashdrafts.  I could see for myself the value of this way of teaching argument writing the way my kids responded and gained the facility to frame a stance and support it. Awesome work.  We finished this week with the Great Chocolate Milk Debate, the only downside to which was the fact that the test samples I bought  (cartons of both varieties) were somehow left at the grocery store, when I forgot that I had four bags of groceries, not two. Two bags of milk cartons are sitting in some cart in the ShopRite parking lot…

4. Spring Break

Fenway emmy lou bso

Snow days just about deleted our Spring Break, but we are taking advantage of the one day left with a long weekend in Boston – and some things that make our hearts sing.  So this time, next week, I won’t be writing about celebrating, but actually celebrating Spring Break!


11 thoughts on “Celebration Saturday: April 5th., 2014 – SOLSC, Argument Protocols, and Spring Break!!!

  1. We are so glad you joined TWT –we learned from you continually and always look forward to your posts. Enjoy Boston!! It is a great city –we may be a bit biased…
    Clare and Tammy

  2. I forgot to say something about finishing the March challenge-forgive me. It seems so long ago already. Congratulations on your six months at TWT, you are such an asset Tara, bringing the best teaching practice for all of us to learn from! Have a wonderful time in Boston-Fenway! Two of our classes are coming there in the spring, & going to a game-very exciting. Have a fabulous weekend & spring break too!

  3. I love the idea of printing out slices for my notebook. Never even thought about that. You became part of the TWT team soon after I started writing. I thank you for taking the challenge and bringing so much to the writing table. I learn from TWT every day. I hope you enjoy your time off – no matter how short it may be!

  4. I tell teachers who are new to the world of social media if I had two blogs to take to a dessert island , Two Writing Teachers would be one of them. You add so much to that team. I’m so glad you accepted!
    We did the chocolate milk debate too. I think this is one of the best life skills we give our students. I really love argument writing and thinking.
    AND yeah!! for your Spring Break. Enjoy, enjoy!

  5. I am so impressed with all of you who wrote and shared everyday for a month! Great idea to print them out and save in a notebook. Congratulations on the six months mark of being part of the TWT team!

  6. You are an important part of TWT! Could not imagine it without you now. I really like the idea of continuing to work on the slices that we wrote in March. You have given me much to ponder.

  7. I am with you, Tara. Thought I was tired of writing and needed a break, but then there is April and so much to say about poetry. I hope your students are willing to celebrate that you make mistakes, too.

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