Slice of Life Tuesday: Tableaux in night windows

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A lovely Spring-like night, and Sophie and I are enjoying this last dog-walking session of the day.  Windows glow softly, and as we walk I pause to take in tableaux here and there:

* a little boy sits at the piano, practicing.  His mom stands by his side, arms crossed, smiling.  I can hear the notes drift through the glass panes, and mom is nodding, a loving metronome.

*we pass by a dumpster by the side of a house, and look into a gutted kitchen.  The owners stand in the midst of it all, and I can see the wife pointing decisively here and there – it may seem an empty space, but she knows already exactly what it will look like.

*we pause by one of my favorite houses – the one with a cathedral-like window rising two stories.  My favorite part is the wall of bookshelves that can clearly be seen – floor to ceiling, with a library ladder! The family cat is on its way up – what will it select tonight for its bed time read?

*in an upstairs window, a young man stares into the glare of his computer screen.  There is no other light in the room, and he seems deep at work. Another long night for this student.

*in another window a little girl is bouncing happily on her bed, her long hair flying up with every leap.  I can already hear mom or dad (or perhaps both!) on the way up the stairs to deal with this.

Sophie and I turn the corner and walk towards our home.  The porch light is our beacon, and I can see our cat silhouetted in a living room window, keeping a watchful eye for our return.


19 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Tableaux in night windows

  1. I love this! What a great idea for a slice. I love taking walks at night when you can see lights glowing from inside houses and the lives they contain. 🙂

  2. Tabitha said it – “Sounds like a poem in every home” as you have written a paragraph about each window and could now turn each into a poem a la Chris Lehman and session 2 of #teacherpoets!

  3. I love catching glimpses of life through lighted windows. You are able to see a lot on your stroll. I too, thought each vignette had possibilities of a poem. Wonderful details put me right next to you bad Sophie.

  4. I enjoy catching glimpses of life as I pass be homes with open drapes. If people didn’t want you to see they wouldn’t leave things open to view. You can learn so much from one short look.

  5. I especially loved the image of the cat climbing a ladder to choose a book. Estonians usually cover their windows with curtains, or their houses are hidden deep in the garden, so no looking through the windows.

  6. I always peek through windows when I drive by houses wondering who lives there and how they decorate (I wanted to be an interior designer when I was little). I’ve always thought someday I’ll probably slam into a parked car while I’m trying to see what color the living room wall is.

    I love how you described what you saw and brought the neighbors to life. I felt like I was along for your walk :).

  7. Loved this slice too Tara! What a fun walk. I enjoy a playful peering, wondering what their stories are. Walking by our house an hour ago before the girls were in bed? The running and jumping of little girls, giggling with each other!

  8. Tara, I love this. What a great idea. The pictures you painted in your writing were beautiful. Such contrast in each tableaux. How much do you want to knock on the door and ask the owners of the huge bookshelf if you can peruse their selection?

  9. I love each snapshot that you capture in words. The ritual of the walk, on a familiar route, where the scene changes and stays the same, is something we can all relate to. The structure you chose for this piece works so well with your subject.

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