Slice of Life Tuesday: …tired…

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Tired even though it’s a Monday…the very first day of the week, the day you are supposed to have lots of “Monday energy”.

My classroom looks tired.

Charts are askew. One hangs at a 45 degree angle, and I remember that I I’ve been reminding myself to fix that.  For a while. The rugs and chairs look frayed. Even the staplers are tape dispensers look too tired to replenish.


Our book shelves look tired – no, make that exhausted.  I do not even pretend to know why or how The Hunger Games is in a bin labeled “Classics”.  Does it even matter anymore?


My kids look tired.

Such troopers, they show up and pretend to be fascinated by their teacher’s enthusiasm for the Battle of Gettysburg. Poor lady, they’re thinking, sure, let’s humor her. Let’s pretend this stuff is really interesting. She seems to think it so, and she’s a nice lady…all in all…


At the end of the day, a graduating senior shuffles into my classroom. We hug and chat.  He takes a picture of his sixth grade self – a little boy with a new buzz cut, a smile as wide as the vast blue Montana skies he will soon call home.

How are you? I ask.

Tired.  He says.

But ready, he smiles, oh so ready to fly.  


19 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: …tired…

  1. So true Tara. I am tired too. Yet your post highlights some of the important aspects of your life as a teacher; reading history and connecting with students. Wishing you strength and energy for the last days of school!

  2. Tara I was also tired last week. A little light will appear or a student will share something in workshop that will be their Aha moment. Stay strong my friend and some extra energy.

  3. I love your ending! Tired can be something seen as a negative but you made it a wonderful thing. Tired because you are all so filled up with great stuff and you are ready for the next step. I love the simplicity of the writing of this piece with so much to think about. Thanks.

  4. Oh you made me laugh out loud when I read: “Poor lady, …” And the book shelves, I don’t look at them any more. Yes we are tired yet we troop on. I love how this graduating senior comes back even though he’s tired too. Just before take off. You must be something more that just a “nice lady” to him. Hold on..summer is coming!

  5. Love that part about The Hunger Games, funny, & you’re right, who cares? Sorry for the tired, I imagine so many will connect to your slice today, Tara. Best wishes for rest!

  6. What a joy to read! I’m with Julieanne on the “poor lady” comment. The energy of the year is waning, but I know it will return with gusto. 🙂

  7. Have you seen “Finding Nemo?” When I feel like you–which is more than June, if I’m being honest–I sing that “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming” song in my head. In fact, I told my oldest this little trick I play with myself and now she sings it to me when I get “that look.” It helps to have her empathize and offer a bit of sweet encouragement! Summer’s just ahead! Keep swimming!

  8. I love your repetition of “tired”. You have simply stated how many of us feel. I am actually on my second week of summer and I still feel tired because I have had to go back and pack up my room and get ready for a writing camp next week. So I can still relate with tired! Hang in there!

  9. Tired is what seems into your bones when nothing else is working right. We all feel it at the end of the year. But your writing has such energy – and a wonderful ending, too!

  10. Now that we’ve been out of school for a week, I’m finally getting some of my energy back. But I can relate to that tired feeling. I love the image of the tired bookshelves. I found books in the strangest places when I packed up my room.

  11. Confession- I read this late last night but didn’t comment. But I think that I absorbed your repeated line without even realizing and used that technique in my own slice today. Didn’t even realize where that came from until I found myself back at this post today. I liked it then and tried it myself. We all need mentor texts, right?

  12. I remember how tired and depressing my room would look at the end of the year when I returned all of the student work that was decorating my bulletin boards and walls. To tell the truth, I even hated going into my room the last two or three days.

  13. I love the complete honesty of your writing. The skewed chart, The Hunger Games in the wrong bin, all these details mean tired. I hope you can muster the energy you need to finish the year. I felt mine ended too soon, but if we were still there, I know I would be echoing your tiredness.

  14. Tired is the word! Oh wow. I love how it perfectly personifies so many details in the classroom – the charts, the rugs, the organization of books. The ending with the student on his way was refreshing. Cathartic even. Loved it.

  15. Oh you have this spot on. We are all tired! So glad you had a returnee. It reminds me I need to check in with some seniors.

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