Slice of Life Tuesday: #cyberPD and summer reading.

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Summer is around the corner, and just as I’m getting ready to wrap up another great year of learning with another wonderful set of kiddos,  pack up my classroom, and bid goodbye to another year of teaching sixth grade…I am also getting ready to begin  new summer learning adventures, for what would summer be without a stack of books to read, re read and think about through the filter of the new year?

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Or a stimulating conference to attend (in an absolutely beautiful spot) led by educators I have been so inspired by ever since I began teaching:


or a brand new cyber reading group to join up with:

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(Psst…we’re reading Donalyn Miller’s “Reading in the Wild”!- you can read all about it in Cathy Mere’s post @ Reflect & Refine: Building a Learning Community).

and another one in the works for:

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Yes, summer is around the corner, and, in between the family time and travel time and eating-of-great-food time, I am happy to know that I’ve carved out some meaningful PD time.


19 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: #cyberPD and summer reading.

  1. We seem to be on the same wavelength. I was planning to write my SOL about my summer cyber-plans. It’s getting late and I haven’t written yet, though. So, how did I get so busy?

  2. Tara, your professional development looks delicious. I am sure you you make as many moments to rejuvenate with family and friends. The countdown has begun. Enjoy those last days with your students!

  3. Your slice is full of energy! We are going to be reading some of the same books. I’d love to look into Cathy Mere’s cyber reading group. Wow- Boothbay looks amazing. Enjoy your last few days of school.

  4. Tara, I’m trying to alternate between PD books and my own “just for pleasure” books. It’s hard – they both tug at me in different ways! Love your stack – looking forward to hearing your thoughts on those!

  5. I’m so impressed with all those books on your profession! I am inspired (though I’m not a teacher…just a mom…but that makes us both educators…you pick up where I leave off and vice versa…)

  6. We have many of the same titles in our stacks. My post today was in reaction to a post on Slate about adults reading YA literature. As a fifth grade teacher, I feel it is my responsibility to keep up with what kids are reading and what is being written for 10-12 year olds. Not to mention I love reading YA literature! The way I balance out my feeling of sheer pleasure is by alternating reading my PD books with my YA books. It is really a win win for me because I love both, but it feels more “responsible”:) I am also REALLY excited because I received a grant to attend Teacher’s College for one week of Reader’s Workshop and one week of Writer’s Workshop training and I leave in just a couple of weeks!

  7. You’ve got some great reads in your stack. I’m on my way to check Cathy’s blog now. 🙂 My stack is still in process as I search for some new resources as I’ll be teaching Kindergarten intervention next year and coaching. Summer is also my time to dive back into Twitter. And of course, there’s all those kid books to read too (and some for me). Enjoy Tara!

  8. I have many of the same titles in my stack, Tara. Just finished Notice & Note and LOVED it! Maine in June and all those wonderful educators? That will be an amazing experience! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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