Stop Labeling Different – It’s Time to Stop Teacher Bullying

Brave and true words – this is a post to re and re-read.

Pernille Ripp

image from icanread

I took a deep breath before I hit “publish” on my post “When Teachers Bully Teachers.”  I had decided that it was time to stand publicly behind the story, to claim my words, to face my fears, and yet with my fingers hovering over the button,  I couldn’t help but be afraid.  Afraid that nasty comments would follow, afraid that people would shun me, afraid that it would start all over again.

Within minutes the comments started coming.  At first, I opened each one with trepidation; would this be the comment that told me I was full of it?  That I had done it to myself?  That surely I deserved the treatment I had gotten?  Instead, it was story upon story of teachers sharing their experience, of teachers saying it had happened to them.  Then my inbox started filling up with private reach outs, then Facebook.  As…

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