Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: September 17th., 2014



   Alyson Beecher hosts this non fiction picture book round-up @  KidLit Frenzy.

all diff now

All Different Now: Juneteenth, the First Day of Freedom is Angela Johnson’s beautiful story of Juneteenth – the day the promise of the Emancipation Proclamation finally came to slaves of Galveston, Texas – June 19th., 1865. Told through the experience of one little girl who woke a slave and went to bed knowing that both she and her people were now, truly,  “forever free”.  E.B. Lewis’ beautiful illustrations make this book a real treasure to read and share.

white house is burning

I teach the War of 1812 in my Social Studies curriculum – and this event always captures the attention of my sixth graders.  Jane Sutcliffe has written an arresting narrative of that day in The White House Is Burning: August 24, 1814, drawn from the first person accounts of those who were there – First Lady Dolley Madison, a British officer, and a nine-year-old slave. Paintings, political cartoons, and maps give this book lots of visual interest, as well, making this a wonderful text with which to teach history as well as the use of primary source documents.


8 thoughts on “Nonfiction Picture Book Wednesday: September 17th., 2014

  1. Hi, Tara. You probably know that we’ve been having huge War of 1812 events around Baltimore for the past two years. In early September, we celebrated the anniversary of the poem that became “The Star Spangled Banner.” THE WHITE HOUSE IS BURNING would be a great read for any local teachers whose classes are studying that time period in US History.

  2. I’ve been seeing All Different Now around and am really looking forward to finding a copy in our libraries. I didn’t know about The White House is Burning though – sounds truly fascinating!

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