Celebration Sunday: Great books, rain…and October baseball

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Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

A few celebrations:

1.  We are busy…too busy to be clockwatchers….


So, where exactly did this week go?!  A month into the school year, and my kids are already saying, “Wait, block is over already?! Where did the time go?”  And that is something to celebrate…there are no clock watchers in my classroom! We are busy, and time flies.

2. Great group work:

photo 1 (20)   photo 4 (8)

photo 2 (16) photo 3 (11)


Here are my kids teaching each other what they have learned about events leading up to the American Revolution.  Walking around the room, and listening to their conversations, I was filled with such pride and hope.  Each student worked hard to research and present, better still, they were interested in making sure that their classmates’ questions and concerns were addressed.  They are committed to their learning – which is a wonderful thing to witness.

3. Great books:

revolutio brown girl dreaming


I read and reviewed  Brown Girl  Dreaming” at the beginning of the week, and am getting ready to do the same for “Revolution”. I feel so lucky!

4. A rainy day:


A rainy Fall day in New Jersey – perfect for reading, grading, figuring out the next few weeks in sixth grade.

5. The playoffs:


My beloved Red Sox finished in last place this season. Pretty depressing. But, I’m over it and have the Orioles to root for now.  I love October baseball!


16 thoughts on “Celebration Sunday: Great books, rain…and October baseball

  1. I love all you find to celebrate here! I can feel the lump in your throat pride in your students, and it all makes me happy, too. Even putting a good twist on a rainy Saturday, and those Red Sox!

  2. Love the pic of your rainy fall day and hearing about your classroom. Students committed to learning is a wonderful thing to witness. I passes brown girl dreaming to one of our principals to read.

  3. Loved seeing your students so busy and engaged! Your rainy fall picture reminds me of fall here in Vancouver – lots of rain amidst the colors of fall. Also connections with the baseball playoffs – my family watches the playoffs. My husband also just got back from his very exciting milestone birthday trip with his best friend – to see Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee Stadium and then watched the Red Sox in Boston – he even caught a ball at the Red Socks game! The best birthday EVER!

  4. I have told you this before but seeing pictorial proof makes me once more want to journey back to 6th grade just to have you as my teacher. What learning joy there is to observe! I love October baseball, too especially since (my:) Dodgers are still in the hunt. Enjoy your rainy day!

  5. So great that your students are so engaged with learning. Sign of a wonderful teacher. The weather here is finally gorgeous. Rain is gone, air is clear and cool. Perfect fall day.

  6. Love the autumn rain pic, Tara, & seeing all the work your students are doing & the clock watching connection! Sorry about your Red Sox, our Rockies have been miserable too I’ll still watch for someone to root for though, maybe the Royals from KC? Have a nice weekend!

  7. Tara,
    I love all the photos that show your celebrations. I am hoping for a rainy day tomorrow so I can build a fire, read a good book, and make soup.

  8. Such great celebrations! I love BGD and bought Revolution at our book fair, but have not started it yet. That may be a fall break book. We are Cardinal fans here in southern Indiana and it was quite a game last night! My first date with my husband was dinner and watching the World Series so baseball playoffs have a special meaning for me – 29 years ago! Have a great week!

  9. I have to keep your rainy day celebration in mind next time a rainy day arrives. Gray rainy day usually falls into the negative category. I need to change my perspective. I like your school celebrations. It feels great when the students lose track of time when learning.

  10. I love when students say time passes quickly in class!! It’s wonderful not to have any clock-watchers! Both the books you featured are just wonderful!! Definitely something to celebrate! Gorgeous fall photo!

  11. Glad to hear that your year is off to such a great start, Tara. I enjoyed having a rainy afternoon of reading yesterday, too. The Saturday Reunion is on my calendar. Looking forward to seeing you on there!

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