Slice of Life Tuesday: Happiness is contagious.


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I have misplaced my wallet, and discover this fact just as I’m packing up for school.

The wallet, I am certain, is sitting on my desk in my classroom.

It will have (I hope) spent the night all by itself sitting on that desk, waiting for my return.

Driving to school this morning, I am thinking of that wallet and my carelessness.

This is not the best way to start the day – late and annoyed at myself.

The day has barely begun, and I am already in a bad mood.

And then I see them.

Two middle school students, in funny hats, sharing earphones.

They are dancing and laughing.

They are skipping and whooping.

They are happy.

Their day has barely begun, and they are already in  good moods.

And suddenly, so am I.



23 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Happiness is contagious.

  1. This was me yesterday…late and left phone at home. But you are so right…seeing students happy can be a mood changer.

  2. Tara, I love this!! Your ending is just perfect! Now I’m in a better mood, too!! Great Slice!

    P.S. – I left my wallet at HOME today accidentally. Came to work wtih no purse or anything!

  3. I hope your wallet was waiting for you. I have those days. It’s not that I’m not happy, I’m just focused. My focused look is similar to my grumpy look. It helps to remember to smile!

  4. Aw, where did you get that sign? I just wrote a former student who is asking me about teaching, thinking she might be headed that way, & I wrote that kids have to be so, so important that one smiles with them all the time. I think you just shared what I meant. (I’m assuming the wallet was there!)

  5. Nicely said, Tara. When I was walking our puppy Lucy the other day, we met a man who had locked his keys in his work car and was waiting for his boss to come unlock it. He said playing with Lucy improved his day a lot. Happy people, babies, and puppies are pretty irresistible.

  6. Such vivid yet simple imagery. And I love that middle schoolers put you in a good mood, since they tend to get blamed for the opposite by much of society (I teach ’em too).

  7. Yes, those kids….they can so often do so much to put us in a great mood instantly! Hope the wallet was safe and sound. An important observation about good cheer and something I needed just now!

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