Slice of Life Tuesday: Do you know it’s Saturday?



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It is 6:30 a.m.  Saturday.  I am standing on the platform at Secaucus Junction, clutching the largest version of Pumpkin Spice Latte available, and waiting for my train into Manhattan.

It is windy. And cold. And very early in the morning.

Did I mention it was Saturday?

There are three people on the platform, including me.  One of us is in a very bad mood.  That would be the gentleman standing next to me, who is growling into his cell phone about how very mad he is that he is standing on a platform and waiting for a train into Manhattan.  He would rather be, he lets everyone (including the person on the other end of the phone) know, a hundred other places than this particular one.

Not me.  

I am headed to the Saturday  Reunion at Teacher’s College, where I will be cheerily welcomed with balloons: 

images (3)

followed by two inspirational keynotes in this magnificent space (Riverside Cathedral!):

RiversideChurchKeynote2014 (1)


and non-stop, back-to-back, hard to choose from workshops here:



Conversation over, the gentleman next to me begins pacing the platform. Back and forth he goes. Pacing, muttering pacing.  I sip my coffee and wait, adjusting my book bag, wondering whether it was necessary to bring both the ipad & the laptop, three books, two notebooks, and two bottles of water.  I have packed, I am beginning to suspect, too much.

The gentleman stops near me, and takes a long look at my heavy bag.  He seems to be reading the above logo very intently.  Then he says, “You a teacher?”

“Yes,” I reply carefully, I am, after all in New Jersey.  Jersey isn’t always very nice to its public school teachers.

“Lady, did you know it’s Saturday?” he asks.

Before I can muster a response, the train arrives.  I am off. Happily so…even if it is a Saturday.



20 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Do you know it’s Saturday?

  1. He he, I’m so happy you shared this, made my day. We just never know what delightful things is going to happen to us, do we? I hope by the way you told it that you lessened his anger, made him think about life a little, that there are good things to know about, like teachers who learn on Saturday! Thank you, Tara!

  2. I’m so lucky you get up and go Saturday! I live vicariously through you. We all can be in those bad places I suppose. Love the cheer and joy your words and pictures bring. I’m sure you shook that gentleman’s world a bit – for the better! Good for you!

  3. HAHA Too bad for him. Life is too short to spend the whole things being angry. I, for one, would have l have loved to be standing on a train platform in New Jersey for a little while on Saturday. Im homesick! Perspective, right?

  4. Love how your eternal optimism carried you through! However, I would bet that you chose NOT to sit by this gentleman on the train. That encounter guaranteed that the rest of your day would be better! ❤

  5. Loved the ending — great piece to share with students. Your ending really sent your message forward. Can’t wait to read about all that you learned in your upcoming posts! Thanks for making us smile today.
    Clare and Tammy

  6. I’m green with envy that you got to spend your Saturday there. I would love to do a TRCRP reunion Saturday sometime. The juxtaposition of you and the angry guy on the platform is quite an image. Hope his day ended up as satisfying as yours.

  7. I feel sorry for the gentleman. He seems to be is a hurry to go nowhere that he doesn’t take the time to enjoy what is around him. I am going to Pittsburgh on Thursday to the PCTELA (Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English and Language Arts) conference. Even though I am no longer teaching, I an looking forward to seeing friends and still picking up some pointers. Who knows when they might come in handy?

  8. Love this Slice, Tara. Love the message and the storytelling – I especially enjoyed the way you paced the story – I was right there with you. Hope you had a remarkable day of learning! I’m willing to bet you did – even on a Saturday!

  9. I love this little slice. You gave us just a moment that exploded into much, much more. I am teaching dialogue this week, adding dialogue to your slices. I’d like to use this for a model. I cannot access wordpress at school. Can you send it digitally? Thanks!

  10. I am glad I stopped by. Thank you for sharing this Saturday morning. The man didn’t have a clue what a great Saturday was ahead of you.

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