Digilit Sunday: Trying out Animoto

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So, I am woefully late to the Animoto party, but I have seen such amazing things done with this video platform that I knew I’d eventually have to come around to trying it out.  Here’s a quick video I made to introduce my kiddos to the new marking period (which starts tomorrow!):

I’m thinking that I will offer this as a suggestion for our book club projects – my only concern? That the yearly membership is quite expensive, unless we can all agree that having the Animoto watermark (the price of the free trial membership) is something we will be happy to live with.  I loved the ease with which I was able to assemble this, and can see so many ways in which to use Animoto in my classroom: introducing ideas, books, essential questions, and more.  I’m so glad that Digilit Sunday motivated me to give this a try at last!



5 thoughts on “Digilit Sunday: Trying out Animoto

  1. Tara, Isn’t Animoto great?! Be sure to sign up for the classroom Animoto. It’s free and allows more things than just the trial individual membership. You’ll need to enter all your kids and assign them accounts, but it gives you longer videos and more options.

  2. Tara, great job getting started with Animoto. Since I do not have a class of students, I am exploring the free account. When I run my Reflective Writing PD session, I can sign up the teachers as my class so this is good to know.

    Let me know the particulars of the meet up for the Elementary Get Together at NCTE. time-location

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