Slice of Life Tuesday: Five minutes to pause…

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It’s been a day of non stop teaching,  talking about teaching, writing about teaching, reading my students’ writing.

I paused for five minutes today


to do nothing but


an apple

and look out the kitchen window.

The Japanese Maple

in our neighbor’s yard

was aflame.

The afternoon sun

danced between iridescent leaves.

Ruby red

Vermilion, Carmine,Tyrian purple.

An apple

a tree bathed in Fall glory

five minutes to just


22 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Five minutes to pause…

  1. I’m up way early and im itching to get writing and I find your new Slice in my email and I have to click and read first and its a perfect piece for me. something gorgeous to inspire me. it’s a poem with an image that makes me want to write about my 5 minutes.
    thanks friend, I’m off to write in your shadow.

  2. I love this. In this world where we brag about our busy-ness to our friends anytime and anyplace, where being productive and getting things done is paramount, this sort of pausing should be celebrated and encouraged and circulated. Let’s all be still and soak in our surroundings just five minutes a day. Thanks for the reminder to do that today.

  3. This is great, Tara. The way you started writing in prose and then broke into poetry was really effective. The lines of the poem kind of slowed me down, too, as if I was standing there with you in your kitchen.

    I’m going to take five minutes today, too. 🙂

  4. Tara, the view from your kitchen window is stunning! Beautiful poem… I especially like
    to do nothing but


    an apple

    The shape almost looks like a half-eaten apple. Just lovely. Glad to find you via Slice of Life …. nice to find fellow teachers who also blog. 🙂

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