Poetry Friday: How Is It That The Snow by Robert Haight

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Poetry Friday is hosted by Paul @ These Four Corners


Photograph by Sue Clary @ McCartee’s Barn, Salem, NY

Snow. We had our first taste of it just before Thanksgiving…and another hint of it yesterday, just as we were about to launch into a new project in Social Studies.  One student caught sight of snow flakes fluttering down, and that was that.  There were shouts of joy and calls for a walk outside.  Right away!  So, we turned off the lights instead, arranged ourselves by the window, and watched a snowflake ballet.  Winter, it seems, is finally here.

How Is It That The Snow by Robert Haight

How is it that the snow
amplifies the silence,
slathers the black bark on limbs,
heaps along the brush rows?
Some deer have stood on their hind legs
to pull the berries down.
Now they are ghosts along the path,
snow flecked with red wine stains.
This silence in the timbers.
A woodpecker on one of the trees
taps out its story,
stopping now and then in the lapse
of one white moment into another.

13 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: How Is It That The Snow by Robert Haight

  1. What a lovely poem! Your story reminds me of the first time I saw snow — I was teaching in Wimbledon, England, and when we saw those first few flakes, the lessons went out the window.

  2. I love the opening lines of this poem. So true and lovely. He captures the balance of quiet and movement when the snow is falling.

  3. And I am in love with that killer last line. Gorgeous poem!
    I’m enjoying reading these classroom encounters with the change of seasons, whether the snow etc. is really outside your windows (you and Linda, for instance) or found in a poem (as in Margaret’s post today). Stay cozy!

  4. Growing up in California, I never had a snow moment in school. But raising my kids in Washington, I always loved that moment of waking them up in the morning and letting them know “It snowed!” We had glorious snow days, lots learned even though classes were cancelled. Thanks for sharing today, Tara – every Friday I’m reminded of how many wonderful teachers there are out there!

  5. We just spoke today of how the snow seems to make us quieter, cozy in the room as we look out. Snow is coming Sunday (a little), but today was very warm again-shirt sleeves. This poem is new & so beautiful Tara. Thank you!

  6. I love snow! I’m ready for it to come again. We got a nice little storm before Thanksgiving, and haven’t had any since. I’d love a white Christmas. 🙂 Such a wonderful poem and gorgeous photo.

  7. That’s a fine poem, of course, and a fine moment (wish I had done a better job with our snow flurry this week), but actually I think Robert Haight’s title is all that’s really necessary….
    : )

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