Slice of Life Tuesday: ’tis the season to trim the tree and remember …


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Our eldest, Elizabeth, came home for the weekend – a pre-Christmas Christmas, since she would be traveling abroad for the holidays.  It was all the motivation I needed to finally haul out all the “holiday stuff” and get going on the whole Christmas tree ritual.  By the time we picked her up from the train station, we had a twinkling tree all ready to be trimmed.

After dinner, we began the happy job of reaching into the big box of ornaments and finding new holiday homes for all the ornaments we’ve collected over the years.  Each ornament has some story attached – some were bought on vacation, some found in tag sales and antique stores, and (our favorites) some made by the children.  Elizabeth found one of our all time favorites first, the one she made when she looked like this:


and came home from pre-school one day with a “surprise” all wrapped up in gold flecked tissue paper:


which has withstood thirteen moves, twenty two Christmas trees…and is ready to grace one more:

IMG_0265             IMG_0268

Let the holidays begin!


19 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: ’tis the season to trim the tree and remember …

  1. Lovely story and it is interesting how the unpacking of holiday “things” brings forth memories. We have similar stories with our own decorating box, and our own traditions, too.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow, your daughter looks just like you! So special to have all of those keepsakes to bring out each year and talk about. I love decorations as they have such rich history and stories attached to many of them. Loved the header of your blog too. Very “Christmassy

  3. The handmade ornaments are the best! I look forward to pulling them out each year – and as the kids get older, the ornaments get more and more precious. Sounds like you had a great time.

  4. I anxiously await our daughter coming home from SC on Dec. 21 so we can begin our annual tradition: choosing the Christmas tree and decorating. Thank you for sharing love getting a glimmer into your family traditions.

  5. This is my first year with no kids home. I debated – decorate the tree or not? Tradition won out! Like you Tara, I love all the handmade ornaments and the stories behind each ornament we hang on the tree. There’s nothing better than sitting in the dark at night or early in the morning with no lights on except the tree lights.

  6. You shared HER story without needing her words. She connected with her roots and now is “free” to fly away for a while, leaving her memories. So many memories…..

  7. I love the way you’ve shared this story. I smiled the entire time I read your post, because we have the same traditions. My favorite ornaments are also the ones the kids made when they were little. We still get a little chuckle over the gift wrapped-covered in sprinkles-toilet paper tube Zach made when he was in preschool. 🙂

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