Slice of Life Tuesday: A day late, but a slice worth waiting for…

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I couldn’t write a Slice of Life yesterday.  I did try many, many times, though, to write a slice about this and that…a slice about our classroom holiday party (chaotic fun), holiday feasts around the dinner table (nothing like family love around the table), and long walks with the dog (peaceful winter solitude)…but none felt “right”.  I felt as though I was just writing to write, and that none of those slices rang true.  Perhaps there was added pressure, this being the last slice of the year and all, and I felt that I needed to say something “important”.  So, I spent the day writing, deleting, and then escaping into 12 episodes of the Serial podcasts as I dashed about doing errands and tidying up the post-Christmas house.

Then, late in the evening, these arrived via Facebook:

 IMG_0411 IMG_0410

…pictures from London of my mother, brother, and niece.  All day, on Slice of Life Tuesday, I was thinking about these three beloved people, reuniting in London where my parents live.  I was imagining them around the dinner table, in the conservatory looking out at the garden, strolling through the festively decorated London streets.  I was imagining their conversations, listening for their laughter,  and sharing from across the Atlantic their joy at being together for just a little while.  I was wishing that family was close by, and loving them all the more for the vast distance that makes any time with family all the more precious, and longed for.

That is the slice I was waiting for, the slice worth writing about…even if it is a day late.



13 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: A day late, but a slice worth waiting for…

  1. A that’s just perfect! A slice worth waiting for 🙂 . It is so hard having family far away geographically, but not far from your heart. Happy new year to you!

  2. I can relate to the starting and abandoning of a slice. There are times where I think, I need to write this down now.
    Aren’t we blessed to be living at a time where photos can diminish boundaries? What a slice to wait for, I love seeing the pics of your family.

  3. i completely understand the need to wait for a slice to come to you. To know that it is right and not just fluff for the obligation of writing for ourselves. I’m glad your slice found you.

  4. Waiting for a slice to come to you…sometimes they do lurk in the photos that arrive on FB. I love that this community keeps me writing and capturing my life. I’m not one of those people who was writes for fun, but the weekly commitment to TWT is necessary for my writing life. And the friends I meet here each week are the frosting on the cupcake!

    • Oops, I started to say – was born with a pencil and notebook in hand – and then switched thoughts. Either way, this community is where my life as a writer is nurtured and sustained
      every week.

  5. Sorry you’re so far away, but immediate pictures do help. I’ve loved having Nathan & family here, will say goodbye on Friday, then the long distance love… I’m glad you found a slice wonderful to you, Tara. I didn’t make it at all! Happy New Year!

  6. I can’t believe this made me cry. When I saw the picture, I assumed this was your daughter. She looks so much like you. How special that they are together, yet sad you are not there. I know that feeling more and more.
    I also love the Rumi quote. I feel like you and all the other SOL community help my being. Happy New Year!

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