Slice of Life Tuesday: When it’s icy…slow down!

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Sleety streets on an early Monday morning.  Sophie and I step and skate along gingerly, the ice crackling underfoot.  Schools have a delayed opening, and the neighborhood is hushed and still.  An occasional car whooshes by slowly, very slowly.

Suddenly, an SUV looms into view at the crest of our hill.  Sophie and I stop, transfixed.  The world, it seems, moves into slow motion and the truck swivels off to one side of the road and then arcs back to the other.  I can hear the wheels spin on the ice as the truck wheels around in one perfect, graceful circle, coming to rest, miraculously, pointing straight ahead on the correct side of the road.

Sophie and I are almost parallel to the driver now, and I can see into his window.  He is looking at me, too, as though to ask, “Did that really happen?”  All three of us let out a collective breath of relief.  Slowly, very slowly, he begins to move down the hill again.  And we, too,  resume our icy stroll.


24 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: When it’s icy…slow down!

  1. Tara,
    What a description! There’s this sinking feeling in my stomach when I’m piloting a vehicle that spins out on ice . . . half way between slow motion and double time! Wintry weather will be with us for a bit.

    Thanks for sharing this “small moment”!

  2. That slow motion disaster-about-to-happen-but-doesn’t is scary to witness. I remember being in a car with my mom as a kid on an icy day, and our car did a full 360 and landed with the bumper gently on a telephone pole. The car was fine. We were fine, physically. My heart still beats a bit faster to think about it.

  3. Tara,
    So glad you were in a position to observe and be safe. An state trooper was killed in an accident Denver last week– he was off duty, saw someone who had slid off the road and stopped to help. Someone else lost control on the ice and hit him. Very sad!

  4. We haven’t had the “weather” you’ve had, but it was icy earlier, and I saw way too many people driving fast, rear ends wiggling… Glad you and that driver are okay!

  5. Thankfully all was well…you perfectly described how nature often rules us-showing who’s really in charge-a reminder to slow down (sometimes much needed literally and figuratively). One of the reasons I’m glad I didn’t have to go out yesterday…

  6. Your words describe that heart stopping moment when you just cannot know for sure how the icy slope will unfold. Your words capture the fear and the relief as well.

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