Slice of Life Tuesday: Now the house is quiet, and…

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The kids were home from college for their winter break…and I complained about:

dirty dishes in the sink…24/7

late night cookie and cake baking marathons that left a certain degree of disaster in their wake

the pantry and refrigerator emptying hours after I had just shopped to get it filled

starting the car and hearing Kanye West instead of NPR

The kids were home from college for their winter break…and I rejoiced in:

sounds of laughter and music… 24/7

late night talks about life and living it and finding one’s way

the aroma of baking, and all the warmth and good memories that evokes

children to return home to after work, who served me cups of tea and loving hugs

dinner time around the table, loud with conversation and good cheer

guitars and book-in-progress to trip over here, there and everywhere

The kids have left, and…

I miss them…

On Children Kahlil GibranYour children


26 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Now the house is quiet, and…

  1. Tara,
    Love this: Life is so much about the good . . .”laughter, music, conversation, aromas,” etc. as well as the bad “sink full of dishes, ever-emptying pantry,” etc. as life continues on . . .”not backward nor tarries with yesterday”.

    So many great images – love this comparison format! (and my favorite punctuation – ellipses! ❤ ❤

    • What a wonderful piece of love and craft in concise and vivid writing with a poem from Gibran to end it.
      I just went back to take another read. the power of writing as life reflection!
      A gem!!!!

  2. My three were only home together for a few days because they are now adults with jobs. I miss the school days when they were home for weeks. I totally understand the bittersweetness. Quiet is good. Empty nest is good. The Gibran poem is all too true.

  3. So, so, so true. My boys have decided not to go back to school this semester, and are home at least temporarily. I am trying to figure out what our new reality with four adults living under one roof should look like. I love Kahlil Gibran’s words.

  4. Oh I love this post and share these thoughts. Love having them home with all the mixture of noise, mess, excitement and love. They leave such an imprint on us. Beautiful poem. This line gets me: their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow.
    As always Tara, thank you for this post.

  5. This is beautiful, Tara. I agree with the comment above – it’s all about perspective. I love the piece you posted “On Children”, too – it’s beautiful and thought-provoking. I’ll copy it in my writer’s notebook and see where those words take me…

  6. Tara, ah the pros and cons of children back in the fold! I can relate somewhat to this with holiday stories of 6 adults in the house together: 2 grown children, a son-in-law, sister, and husband. I do love the holidays even though it means fast-paced goings and comings.

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  8. I think I might love to tarry with yesterday, Tara. Gibran is brilliantly intuitive. Love “starting the car and hearing Kanye West instead of NPR”-funny. I know how you feel, and love that you shared too.

  9. Perfect example of the yin and yang of life. How you always can find that perfect poem to complement your words, I will never know. Simply beautiful post!

  10. I am going to tell Tammy she needs to read this as inspiration for her OLW this year – positive. You always find the silver lining – only after you hit me at my core. Never a dry eye when I read about you and your family! Thanks

  11. Tara, I’m always in awe of your writing, and this slice is no exception. I love how you hone in on just the right details to evoke a world of feeling. Thinking of you as we both enjoy the silence while we miss our kids.

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