Poetry Friday

Welcome to Poetry Friday! I’m at a conference today, so the round up will be via my comments section. Thanks everyone!

45 thoughts on “Poetry Friday

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  4. Hello Tara and poets, This is my first time to join your Friday poetry sharing. I’m not sure I’m doing this correctly, but here goes – a poem of mine from the desert.


    Impossible that a cactus
    Can hold
    a thousand pounds of water
    Be host and hotel
    to wrens, rattlers, and rodents
    Stand erect, arms raised high,
    a hundred years or more and watch
    Covered wagons change to semi-trucks
    mud homes become skyscrapers,
    Lights from camp fires
    Shine as neon signs.
    If you are a saguaro cactus,
    All this is possible.

    Nancy Bo Flood

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