Poetry Friday: After the Blizzard by Laura Shovan

First, thank you all for having such a great attitude about last week’s Poetry Friday.  All my plans to host in an organized manner gave way to tending to a husband with the flu, and getting ready to attend a conference.  Thank you for linking up via the comments section of my blog in the most patient and amiable manner…Poetry Friday people are the best!

Originally uploaded by tilak.dutta.

Originally uploaded by tilak.dutta.

Laura Shovan was my holiday swap partner, and I am thrilled to be able to share her lovely (and timely) poem After the Blizzard.  I’ve been living with so many lines from this poem that sing to me, and it gives me the greatest of pleasures to share it with all of you this Poetry Friday:


Today’s Poetry Friday is hosted by Paul Hankins @ These 4 CornersThank you, Paul!



9 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: After the Blizzard by Laura Shovan

  1. It really touches you this week, doesn’t it, Tara? Beautiful memories of youth, “with no parents and our own money”. I’m sorry your husband had the flu and that you still made it to that conference! Life goes on, even on Poetry Friday!

  2. Laura has captured the teen voice. How did you fare in the blizzard? We are enjoying some weird warm weather. And you are right, this is a very patient and kind community. I’m glad you are part of it.

  3. Such a sweet and joyous poem. I like all the little details, and the way her friends accept her angel-making idea, which maybe she worried about suggesting.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this poem today, Tara! The snow mostly missed us in Maryland — this time. I’m a winter baby, so I love a good snowfall to play in and the cozy days when everyone stays inside.

  5. Isn’t that just the best image – friends’ wingtips touching? Snow days are so very special. I remember one long ago snow day. My girls and I walked one quarter mile to the little country store and rented “Brigadoon.” Thanks for sharing this poem that brings back memories.

  6. I hope that you are keeping warm dear Tara – been watching the news of the blizzard and how it’s been unusually cold in your part of the world. Love hearing the sense of adventure tucked neatly into the lines of the poem, the beginning of autonomy and finding one’s way in the world. 🙂

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