Maybe we don’t understand what readers really do – and why it matters

Brilliant post about reading comprehension from Grant Wiggins:

Granted, and...

How well are we doing in comprehension of text as a nation? You know the answer. We are doing poorly when it comes to genuine comprehension:Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 9.16.48 AM

And look at math vs. reading:

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.44.24 PMAnd this, from a Christian Science Monitor article on 12th grade NAEP results in reading:

In many ways, the 2013 reading scores for 12th-graders were even more discouraging [than the lack of progress in math]. While the average score of 288 was unchanged from 2009 – and two points higher than in 2005, which represented a nadir for the reading score – it was lower than the average of 292 back in 1992. 

A full 25 percent of 12th-graders in 2013 scored below basic, compared with 20 percent in 1992, and just 37 percent scored at or above proficient, compared with 40 percent in 1992. Those scoring at the proficient level could answer questions requiring them to recognize…

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One thought on “Maybe we don’t understand what readers really do – and why it matters

  1. Hi, Tara,
    I read this, too, and really liked it. There’s a lot to think about in it. One big, immediate takeaway was how very important those reading conferences are because that’s where we get to know the learner and the reasoning processes that a particular reader uses. As a corollary, once again it struck me how important it is to enter that kind of conversation as an active listener, not just a giver of “lessons.”

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