#sol15: March 2, 2015 – Snowball fight to start the day


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We have been  blanketed by another snow storm, and there is yet more snow to dig our way through this cold and bleak Monday morning.  I take no pleasure in the the wintry beauty of the day, not even in Sophie’s delighted antics in the soft snow.   I feel a migraine begin its insistent thrum, and descend further into gloom.  Tugging at Sophie’s leash, I quicken our pace – our walk already seems too long.

As we round the corner, a father and son emerge from their front door.  Shoulders hunched, glowering, they look about as happy as I feel.  “Get in the car, Nicky, we’re gonna be late,” the father calls as he makes his way down the walkway.

Nicky follows, swinging his backpack slowly.  He has no enthusiasm for the day; he had most likely woken up hoping for a snow day.  No dice.  Now there is school … just another regular, very ordinary day at school. I can feel the deep and heavy sigh that seems to be building up as he shuffles along.

Suddenly he pauses, and then I hear, “Dad!” as a perfect snowball arcs its way across the grey sky.

Shouts of laughter follow me as I make my way home, echoing  and bouncing off the piles of snow.  Is it my imagination, or has the sun begun to break through the clouds?


35 thoughts on “#sol15: March 2, 2015 – Snowball fight to start the day

  1. Oh, Tara, how do you do it? This Slice is amazing. I love the subtlety with which you introduce the snowball fight. Your reader already has her back turned with you, but turns around just to catch glimpse of it. Love it. And that ending? Oh, perfection. Love this so much.

  2. Love this. My take-away? It only takes a moment to change your attitude. What a great thought heading into a crazy Monday. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. It was great from so many Slicing friends on my first day back.

  3. You used so few words to describe that snow ball fight, yet I was instantly brought back to the many snowball fights of my youth.

  4. How wonderful that those too found some joy to break their gloom, even in the face of another slow ride on snowy streets! Love the way you led us into those clouds breaking, Tara. Have a wonderful day!

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  6. This made me smile. My husband tends to be the one who thinks of something fun to do to break the misery. I love the black to gray to white of your sol today. I felt like it could be a painting.

  7. Don’t kids just know how to make the best of things? They just live in the moment. I really enjoyed this post Tara and I love hearing about the snow and what the morning is like in your part of the world. 🙂

  8. I love the surprise at the end and how in a moment the boy found a way to change the mood. And I so wish I could have had a snowball fight this winter.

  9. The despair is tangible: “I can feel the deep and heavy sigh that seems to be building up as he shuffles along.” And then the one word, a perfect snowball, and laughter. Love how you described it as echoing and bouncing off the snow.

  10. I was thinking what a contrast this post was from yesterday’s post with a view from above, and then, suddenly the tone shifted from Monday blahs to the light lifted. Love this.

  11. Let me add my accolades to the previous comments, what a fun read for me. I feared it was kids getting into trouble at school from the title. So few words but what a shift in mood. Love it!

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