#sol15 March 10th. 2015: Welcome, Spring…


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Yesterday, I read Jen and Darla’s question: “do you think if you change your background picture to flowering trees and budding daffodils, spring will arrive?” and decided that the time had come to reach for Spring by…

Driving with the windows (halfway) down…

Walking the dog with just a fleecey vest (no gloves and hat, hooray!)…

Finding a pot of Spring flowers for my classroom desk….

Searching for Spring baseball wherever I can….

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 8.32.30 PM

Stowing away winter boots and woolen scarves and fur-lined gloves…

Changing my Starbucks order from hot Venti skim chai to iced Venti skim chai…

Reaching for colors other than navy blue, black or brown in my wardrobe…

Preparing to welcome, at last, any signs of Spring.


32 thoughts on “#sol15 March 10th. 2015: Welcome, Spring…

  1. Te he, I just wrote about spring, too, but in a slightly different way. Love all your parts, too, but especially that my favorite Starbucks drink is iced chai-must get together again! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Yes! Such a great idea! I’ve been wearing the same fuzzy, black boots for probably 3 months straight. Maybe today I will pull out an actual shoe to wear! Bring on Spring!

  3. Love your preparations and your personal signs of spring! Fun to read. There definitely are small things we can do to make it seem like spring is on the way. Loved the pictures!!

  4. I felt completely joyful at it being light out at 6pm though I knew it was just a sleight of the hand (daylight savings), I was willing to overlook it. Now if the birds would discover the stash of seeds I left out back. Thanks for the reminder to continue looking for signs of spring. It will be here!

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  6. Oh yes, let’s find spring! The sharp chill has left the air, so warmth will be moving in bit by bit. I’m not quite ready to change over from hot coffee to iced, yet. 🙂

  7. Yes please! Yesterday, when I thought I was going to have time to stop at the coffee shop, I was planning an iced coffee. The thought itself surprised me because maybe spring is really almost here!…

  8. Looking for spring is a delight. I have been listening to the birds chirping. Wish I could put the boots away but for us the s word may still come. Love the picture!

  9. Absolutely beautiful! My running partner declared last year that she was “finished participating in winter,” and bought a beach candle surrounding it with sand and shells. Sometimes our environment needs a little nudging when the weather is non-cooperative, right?

  10. Love the list of changes that make you ready to welcome spring. I changed my scarf to a lighter one today just go out and discover frost on my car windows.

  11. Love your new background! For me, I traded in my knee-length parka for my waist-length fleece and finally was able to wear my skinny jeans with a couple rips today– before, it was too cold to bear any skin. Yay for spring!

  12. So glad you are all seeing signs of spring, happy for you, so happy, but, for me, here comes signs of winter and I am not as happy. Love the new pic and that iced chai would be nice. 🙂

  13. The very first thing I noticed when I opened your blog was the change in image. I thought, SPRING!

    I too drove with the windows open, left the gloves at home (somewhere), and marveled at our dry steps.

    Soon. Even now the crocuses are busy at work.

  14. This is beautiful and makes me want to plant a garden! I loved the line “Driving with the windows (halfway) down…”. I was just able to do that today and it made me smile! Thank you for your “hint” of spring.

  15. Thank you Tara, for this great post. I could feel the warm wind on my face blowing in from the half-down window. It will soon be here for good: Jersey Girls are almost there!
    Darla & Jen

  16. I think we are all desperate for spring! It will just take tiny steps to get there! I love that you buy a pot of flowers for your classroom desk to share spring with your students!

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