#sol15: March 14, 2015 – The rhythm of the rain

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Rain…  I can hear it beat a steady rhythm on the roof and watch as rivulets cascade down the skylights.  I have tests to grade and books to review, a house to tidy up and supply with food and drink for the week ahead.   There is a new week of lessons to dream up, tweak, read and think about.  There are clothes that need to be laundered, picked up, packed away.  Somewhere, there is a list detailing all of the above and the order in which it must be accomplished.

But, now there is the rain.  The pitter pattering is punctuated with swooshing and slushing cars, when it is quiet I can hear the snow crackling – melting away in streams and puddles. Rain in runnels streak the windows, and course down the porch roof.  It clings to branches, glittering like so many crystals in the weak morning light.

Time has slowed, and I fee myself drawn into the rhythm of rain.



25 thoughts on “#sol15: March 14, 2015 – The rhythm of the rain

  1. Love the language here, especially runnels. Enjoy this rainy morning.

    P.S. If I were a new Slicer, I’d nominate you and Carol as inspiring me through your comments for this weekend’s challenge. Thanks again.

  2. This is beautiful, Tara. I felt completely slowed down right with you, listening to the rain. I loved the line: But, now there is the rain. So simple, yet it really stopped me. Great Slice to read!

  3. It is good to sit in the now. I love that sound of rain. We are gearing up for 8 inches of snow. Just when I was seeing the rocks in my driveway. But for now, poetry, kitchen and woodstove.

  4. First, I see you changed your picture to be a SPRING picture! Love it!!
    Then you so clearly describe what a rainy day looks and sounds like. I think I read it slowly, making the picture in my mind and though I like winter, I also like the end of winter. Your slice helps me appreciate the changes that the end of winter bring! Enjoy the rainy Saturday. I am doing the same in VA!

  5. How easily our attention to the mundane duties of life gets swayed. Love your rain description. Poetic. I made it into a haiku for you.
    Pitter pattering
    punctuated swooshing cars,
    glittering crystals

  6. So much to do but the rhythm of the rain gives a feeling of pacing yourself to get it all done in a calm way. I loved the phrase ‘hear the snow crackling’ I have never heard that sound. It must be music to your ears. Spring is on it’s way. 🙂

  7. Today is a day to write about rain. 🙂 I love your description of the sounds…Pitter patter, swooshing and slushing…

    By the way, I was channeling you today. I bought fresh flowers for my office. I decided that’s a nice tradition to begin and it will brighten up my windowless room. 🙂

  8. What a beautiful description, Tara. “Rain in runnels streak the windows, and course down the porch roof. It clings to branches, glittering like so many crystals in the weak morning light.” Maybe tomorrow it will still be raining and I will lie awake listening and reminding myself to just slow down and listen for a little while.

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