#sol15: March 20, 2015 – In need of some “Downton Abbey Tea”

I’m wandering down the aisles of our local Fairway Market, still in a fever migraine haze, in search of some “home made”  chicken soup and fresh sourdough bread. Children, freed of school now that a Spring snow storm has ended the school day early, weave in between shopping carts piled high with cases of water, Doritos, toilet paper and ice cream (all the essentials for a snow storm), yelping with all the happiness and elation children feel when a school day is cut short.  My throbbing head wishes some parent will coral them all and take them away…I need quiet…

And then I see this:



Downton Abbey Tea!!  Instantly, i am transported to this place:

rachel-reviews-easy-living-24jun13-pr-16_639x426 download (7)


now all I need is some of this:


and a bit of her lively company:



Dare I say that I feel better already?!


24 thoughts on “#sol15: March 20, 2015 – In need of some “Downton Abbey Tea”

  1. Sorry the weather and a headache have sidelined you – but that tea will fix you for sure. I’m a long way from Fairway but will look for THIS at my local specialty market.

  2. I hope you are feeling better Tara. We discovered Downton Abbey tea last week at Der Dutchman, the local Amish restaurant. I had the same reaction as you. Have a wonderful spring break!

      • You can get feverfew capsules at Wegman’s or Whole Foods, if you want to go to the store, or Amazon.com or Swansonvitamins.com, if you want to buy it online. If you lived near me, I would give you capsules, make you tea, and fix you a lavender oil footbath!

  3. Sounds better than the apple cider vinegar concoction I was drinking for my sore throat yesterday. If you’re still in need of Downton soothing, try Grantchester – also from Masterpiece. I love it.

  4. My guilty Netflix pleasure is currently The Office, but I think that I’m going to make Downtown Abbey one of my summer projects. I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about it! Hope you feel better!!

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