#sol15: March 22, 2015 – Sometimes, you just have no time to write…


I have about 50 minutes left in a day that has gone by in a blur…

So much to do

and so little time…

that’s the cliche,

but this time, it’s true.

grading papers

editing essays

listening to my husband sing

his marvelous concert solos.

Two children

here now and gone again,

a brisket to prepare

for dear friends coming to  dinner.

And back to





(This is a very sad slice, but I’ve never missed a slice during our March Challenge, ever, and wasn’t about to this year!)


14 thoughts on “#sol15: March 22, 2015 – Sometimes, you just have no time to write…

  1. This is a very real slice, Tara! We all have days like this one. So wonderful to have had your kids home to hear your husband sing. And dinner with friends sounds like the perfect way to end the day. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

  2. Well that’s the reality sometimes of this challenge, isn’t it? I had a similar situation last week that I wrote up and then lost the internet connection the next night and missed the window to link. I was so mad. I hope you had a wonderful dinner with friends lived a day worth many slices in the future!

  3. We have been loving all of your slices… but this is the one that sounds like you many need some response! Keep going – love that you didn’t give and inspired that you did with a genre we have never tried! Sounds like a joy-filled day!
    Clare and Tammy

  4. Sad slice? Not! Busy slice? Definitely! What a day it was, but so much joy. I wondered where your voice was because it’s always in my mail in the morning, but when I read Bonnie’s slice I knew. I also knew you would write. Well done Tara!

  5. I’m not sure it’s sad I read a celebration of joy. Family, friends and faithful promises kept to continue writing, loved the honest if this post.

  6. You call the slice sad, but for me it is a list poem celebration of the busy life you live and the dedication to write. Hugs.

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