#sol15: March 24, 2015 – Will you be at the TC Saturday Reunion?

Will you be here--

Fellow slicers, we’ve been sharing slices of our lives all March long…and March is a long month!  Will any of you be at the Saturday Reunion?  Would you like to meet afterwards for some coffee and conversation. I think it would be great fun to see some of the people we have come to know through this amazing writing community.

Leave a comment, or send me a Tweet, and let’s see if we can organize a get together.  Kitchenette is right around the corner from Teacher’s College, a quick walk.  The food is yummy, and (as we already know) the company will be wonderful. Hope to see you there!


20 thoughts on “#sol15: March 24, 2015 – Will you be at the TC Saturday Reunion?

  1. I had this date on my calendar and was set to be there , until our writing project set up an overnight writing retreat. I am torn but my cameras are charging now for our writing time. It’s been a long time since we had one of these. I have to be there. Damn, that I can’t be in two places as the same time,right?

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  3. I can’t wait to MEET you in person!! I have to catch the 6:05pm train back to DC but I’ll stop at the kitchenette on my way back to Penn Station. Thanks for organizing this. I love connecting virtually but even better to meet in person!

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