#sol15: March 28th., 2015 – It’s all about the people…


I raced up 120th. Street this icy Manhattan morning, my sights set on the spires of Riverside cathedral.  Blue balloons fluttered in the breeze, beckoning me into the stone and stained glass splendor of the place.  I moved forward with the crowds, my spirits buoyed by this:

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.18.21 PM

The great space was filled to the rafters, literally, with teachers, teachers, teachers everywhere. Book bags, conversations, excitement.  And then I spot a welcome sight – fellow slicers, Twitter and blogging friends. We greet each other with affection and anticipation. What could be better than spending a day learning with a group like this?

It’s all about the people….

Patricia Polacco speaks, and she has the Keeping Quilt!  As she spins her stories, we are enveloped in the magic of the familiar and the power of her message.  “To this day when there’s something I can’t face, I feel George Falker’s hand in the middle of my back,” she tells us, and that is what, really, we hope to be: the hand in the middle of our students’ backs, sustaining and encouraging them in their quest to learn.

It’s all about the people….

Session by session, we circle from one inspiring speaker to the next.  We are rapt, engaged, galvanized. Each session is a window into yet another “ah-ha!”.  Time seems to fly by.

It’s all about the people…

Back at Riverside, we find a spot in the front row. Heaven.  Kylene Beers begins her closing, and soon we hang on to every wise word:

“A curriculum built on test prep might raise scores, but it will fail to raise curiosity, creativity, and compassion.”

“Wantability will always be more important than readability.”

“We always have to strive to outgrow ourselves and be the best we can be – we need to take the stance of learner.”

“Learning to navigate your life is learned as you read the life of others. Literature let’s us become.”

It’s all about the people…

the people who inspire us

the people who sustain us

the people who walk beside us, in this journey to be great teachers.

17 thoughts on “#sol15: March 28th., 2015 – It’s all about the people…

  1. I’ve been waiting all evening to read about your day. What a day this has been! So full of people and learning. It must have been magical. Now I can go to bed. 🙂

  2. I have been reading some of the tweets throughout the day. Patricia Polacco came to our school a couple of years ago and she was wonderful! I love your “mantra” thoughout this post – it’s all about the people. You are so right! I am sure you are exhausted but what a high you must be coming off of.

  3. What a wonderful day you had!
    Thank you for sharing the quotes.
    Love how you used the line “It’s all about the people.”

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  5. It was a great day. Sorry I couldn’t stay to meet the slicers.

    I’m wondering when and if the bureaucracy will see it’s about people, not economic gains. The political leaders’ learning is so vastly different than ours on this journey of life. I hope they can hear what is being said at great conferences like this.

  6. So sorry that I missed it. I love how you capture the feel of the reunion. It’s not just about the learning. It’s about affirmation too. Fingers crossed that I’ll get there in October!

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