Slice of Life Tuesday: Twenty minutes of Spring.

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A lunchtime walk

just twenty minutes of an

out of the building

experience of Spring.


The blossom soaked


swishes through new grown


cherry blossoms!

and daffodils dancing

in merry




even for twenty minutes,

is divine.


23 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday: Twenty minutes of Spring.

  1. Perfect. I completely agree. We say that in second grade all the time. Our 15 minutes outside in the morning is transformative. A good simple reminder.

  2. I am inspired! Going for a walk right now with my Welsh Corgis and definitely going to take some photos! Spring is a most welcomed friend. We will forgive her for being a little late. Her captivating personality and beauty are worth the wait… don’t you agree?

  3. What a spirit lifter! “Blossom soaked breeze,” just one of my favorite phrases. Now that’s the way to welcome in the long awaited season! Great photos to support your words!

  4. I love spring! Our school doesn’t really have a recess time anymore (middle school — arg!) so we took the students outside last Friday and let them play. In our team meeting, we had decided to do some THEME Fridays for recess. One student asked, “What’s today’s theme?” My partner and I said, “Hooray! Hooray! It’s a nice day! Go out and play!”

  5. DIVINE! Sometimes in the spring I decide to ditch 20 minutes of eating for 20 minutes of breathtaking beauty….then my stomach growls all afternoon….but it is always worth it.

  6. Yes! I love the walks I take during the school day.. but this long winter has made them few and far between. One day a week we take our whole team on a morning walk. I’m hoping our next one feels like spring!

  7. Tara, I was delighted to read your poem with the lovely pictures of springtime pleasure. A joyful snapshot in 20 minutes that you may like to grace the pages of Spring’s Symphony Gallery. What do you think? If the answer is yes, please send me the poem and photos so I can blend them together.

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