Celebrate This Week with #celebratelu: Diving back again

Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

It’s been a long while since I’ve taken up Ruth’s invitation and joined the Celebrate community.  For a while, I’ve come to see blogging as a chore, as something else on my ever-growing and impossible-to-complete to-do list.  Which is really sad, because I am a writer and I love to write about my classroom life, my kids (the ones I gave birth to and the ones I spend my working days with), the books I read, the poems I discover and love, and the world I experience.   Today, I want to turn that page and return to my old, happy, habits…and so I’m back to mark my weeks’ celebrations:

1. Going outdoors with my kids:

IMG_0897 (1)

We work intensely in 202, but the end of the year brings glorious days in which we can’t but give in to the urge to be outdoors and play.  Here is where I see the work that went into building our classroom community on full display.  I hear it in the relaxed conversations, the inclination to include everyone, the willingness to compromise and find common ground so that everyone feels content and embraced.  It is bittersweet for me, because I know that we will part at the end of June, after which these days will become part of the “remember when…?” conversations we will have here and there over the span of years when my kids will come to visit our old room again.  So, I celebrate the soccer games, the paper airplane contests, the lie-down-in-the-grass-and-enjoy-the-clouds…I celebrate being outdoors with my kids.

2. Deciding to fly by the seat of my pants and launch the Interview Feature Article:

_DSC0689Ralph fletcher

Listening to Ralph Fletcher present about writing authentic nonfiction, and then having a chance to chat with him at lunch (true fan girl moment!), inspired me to launch a new mini unit in writing workshop which I’ve written about here and here.  Such fun to see my kids jump into it all with excitement and figure it all out for themselves.  This has become their thing, and what could be better for me, their teacher, than to see empowered kids working with purpose and enthusiasm?  Monday is showtime – and I can’t wait to see what they’ve created.

3. Spring!


I have stowed away my winter coats, sweaters, and stockings.  Daffodils are blooming everywhere, the windows are thrown open, and I can walk barefoot through the garden….it feels so good to peel off the layers of winter care and gloom!

4. Stopping by Perry’s garden Center:


Perry’s garden Center is two doors down from my school – I’ve been waiting for the time when I can stop by on my way home and fill up my van with flowers for the garden, and it looks like Monday will be the day.

Happy Spring, everyone!


8 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week with #celebratelu: Diving back again

  1. Spring is such a happy time. Worries over winter are gone. The kids are relaxed and buzzing. Don’t you wish you could bottle it all up and savor it? The blogging of it helps. Glad you are back to celebrating and writing.

  2. I love to listen to your honesty. I pride myself on the same thing. So it’s like we are soulmates. I look forward to your blog posts. Let that be a reason you write is well. No pressure. Looks like you had a great week. I need to get back to my celebrate posting too.

  3. So much to enjoy at this time of year. We went out to journal in the wetlands on Friday, among the birds especially. Glad you’re taking the time to share, Tara, & it’s good to hear what you’re up to. I still need to read your Fletcher posts-sorry. Time is fleeting-will try!

  4. Tara, spring is finally here and you state it beautifully with: “I can walk barefoot through the garden….it feels so good to peel off the layers of winter care and gloom!” This is a celebratory post!

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  6. Thank you for being honest about blogging. Sometimes it does feel like one more thing on a to do list- but then… when you dig in and write- it feels good, doesn’t it? The energy that comes with spring helps.

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