Celebrate This Week with #celebratelu: The first “real” week of Spring!

Celebrate with Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes  …. because, we need to celebrate moments in our lives every chance we get!

I’m celebrating making it through the first real week of Spring – every day was lovely, with warm breezes, sunshine, and chances to take long walks and garden.

I celebrate that Sophie can sunbathe in the yard:


I celebrate that I could finally wash down the front porch and open my outdoor office for the season:



I celebrate that our Olivia will be home for the summer this week, a successful sophomore year of college behind her:


I celebrate that we crossed our fingers and jumped in to make an offer on a place we’ve always loved. Whatever the outcome, we gave it our best shot:


I celebrate that as we ease into the last two months of school, my kids are still with me – ready to learn, ready to try, even though their hearts and spirits are yearning to be outdoors glorying in  Spring.

photo 4 (4)


5 thoughts on “Celebrate This Week with #celebratelu: The first “real” week of Spring!

  1. Glad you are finally having spring. We are starting summer with temps in mid-80’s this weekend.
    Love that ranch house.

  2. Wonderful celebrations. Love the pic of Sophie and your outdoor office! Enjoy having your daughter home for summer. My daughter moves back this month, not in with us, but to a nearby suburb. We’re so excited!

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